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The Seven Hills School Tops Rankings in Cincinnati

Seven Hills Ranked #1 by Niche

Lotspeich Fifth-graders Move Up

Lotspeich Year-End Awards

Faculty and Staff Bid Farewell to Retiring Educators

ECC, Lotspeich Students Enjoy End-of-Year Play Days

Seniors Reunite at Lotspeich

Fourth-graders Create Living Biographies

SNAAP Banquet Celebrates Students, Families

Inclusiveness, Kindness, Willingness: Doherty’s Fifth-Graders Move Up

Doherty Year-End Awards

A Trip Down Memory Lane at Doherty

Pre-kindergarten Moving Up Ceremony

What a Day!

SNAAP Banquet Celebrates Students, Families

Eighth-grade Closing Ceremony

Middle Schoolers Raise More than $20,000 for The Caring Place

Awards of Distinction

Seven Hills Breaks Ground on Middle School Expansion and Renovation Project

Asia Day

SNAAP Banquet Celebrates Students, Families

Seven Hills Graduates 79 Students in 47th Commencement

Upper School Awards

Celebrating Our Seniors

Upper School Chemistry Students Honor Overlooked Scientists

Upper School Computer Science Students Look Back on What They Learned

Senior Receives Student Leader Honor

Track and Field Team Competes at State

Students Recognized at Upper School Awards Day

Junior Track and Field Team Member Featured on Channel 9

Freshman Tennis Player Places Third in State

Seven Hills Recognizes Three-Sport Athletes

Exercising Creativity in Ceramics

Junior Hosts TEDx at The Schiff Center

SNAAP Banquet Celebrates Students, Families

Junior Hosts TEDx at The Schiff Center

A Parade for Head of School Carolyn Fox!

Author Maulik Pancholy Speaks to Students

First- and Fifth-grade Buddies Design Garden Stones

Second-graders Host Arcade Day

Seventh-graders Make Confetti Bombs

Sixth-graders Compete in Torso Triathlon

Author Maulik Pancholy Speaks to Students

Innovation Lab Students Create Automata

Seventh-grader Competes in Youth Olympic Events

Lacrosse Teams End Seasons Strong

Softball, Baseball Teams Travel to State Tournaments

Spring Sports Awards

Seven Hills Has Spirit

A Virtual Trip to the Sea

A Day to Fly Away

A Worthy Jaunt

Learning the Foundation of Coding in Pre-K

Geometric Construction

Freshman Wins Power of the Pen Award

Prom Glows On

Teresa Bardon Named World Language Department Chair

Upper School Elects New Student Government Leaders

Seven Hills Celebrates Seniors!

Upper School Chorus Performs in The Schiff Center

Middle Schoolers Perform “An Afternoon of Instrumental Music”

Upper School Symphonic and Contemporary Ensembles Hold Concert in The Schiff Center

Cultural Connections—A Virtual RV Trip around the U.S.

Botany 101

Fraction Chefs

Studying Family Culture in Unit III

Upper School Theatre Rocks “American Idiot”

Doherty Virtual Art Show

Unit I Studies and Performs Folk Songs

Calculating Probability in Statistics

It’s a Gas!

National Junior Classical League Latin Honor Society

French Honor Society

 Spanish Honor Society

Cypress Trees for Earth Day

Track and Field Athletes Break School Records

Junior Named MaxPreps Ohio High School Athlete of the Week

Boys Tennis Clinches MVC Title

Enquirer Names Winter All-Stars

Seven Hills Spirit Day is May 14!

Lower Schools Virtually Welcome Author Don Tate

Fourth-graders Create Blackout Poems

Fifth-graders Study American History with Hands-on Activities

Fourth-graders Learn Code in Project Math

Sixth-graders Share Writing Workshop Work with Second-graders

Sixth-grade Writing Workshop Re-writes Fairy Tales

Computer Science Students Study Robotics

Middle Schoolers Participate in Walk-a-Thon

Lower Schools Virtually Welcome Author Don Tate

Middle School Presents “An Evening of Scenes”

Lotspeich Continues to Showcase Changemakers

Kindergarteners Search for Signs of Spring

Fifth-graders Plan Outdoor Classroom

Second-graders Study Rivers

Second-graders Build Pinball Machines

Congrats to Our National Merit Scholarship Recipients!

Exploring Themes of Magic-realism and the Fantastic in AP Spanish

Congratulations to New Members of Cum Laude Society

Real Applications in Mandarin

Eighth-grade Latin Students Zoom with Archaeologist

GSA Club Welcomes Virtual Guest Speaker

Sixth-graders Kick Off Body Systems Unit

Eighth-graders Attend Virtual Leadership Conference

Middle Schoolers Compete in Math Contests

Seven Hills Celebrates Signing Day

Track Athletes Break School Records

Athletes of the Week

Practice, Practice: Instrumentalists Prepare for Upcoming Spring Concerts

DIY Chia Pets in Sixth-grade Art

Virtual Art Show at Doherty

Music in Springtime

Seven Hills Celebrates Signing Day

Doherty “Travels” the 50 States for Cultural Connections

Learning about Spring Things

Bound to Write a Story!

Going on an Insect Hunt!

Boys Tennis Team Recognized by Local Athletic Association

New Spring Sports Coaches Leading Teams to Strong Seasons

Congratulations to New Members of Cum Laude Society

Miami Valley Conference Awards

Gymnast Competes at District Championship

Student Athletes Compete at Indoor Track Finals

Student Athletes Recognized with Winter Sports Awards

Lotspeich Celebrates Grandperson’s Day Virtually

Seven Hills Parents Share Tuskegee Airmen Presentation with Kindergarteners

Pre-kindergarteners Walk Like Dinosaurs

Middle School Holds True, Kind, and Necessary Day

Latin Students Virtually Tour Nashville Parthenon

Seventh-graders Learn Circuitry in Innovation Lab

Sixth-graders Review Math Concepts with “Jeopardy”

A Deep Study of Erosion

Putting Spanish Language in Context in Unit I

Becoming Authors in Unit I

They are What They Read

Civic Engagement Day

A Tasty Lesson in French

Circuits, Electronics and Mechatronics in Computer Engineering Class

Answering Life’s Questions in Spanish V Honors

Calorimetry in Chemistry

Studying General Composition in Unit III Art

Building an Imaginary Structure in Creative Dramatics

Practicing for the Spring Concert!

Pre-kindergarteners Celebrate Black History Month with Songs

Students Soon to Use New Professional Backdrop in Film and Animation Class

Fifth-graders Engage in Expedition Simulation

Second-graders Study Scientist Charles Henry Turner

Seven Hills Parent Teaches First-graders About Chinese Lunar New Year

Pre-kindergarteners Enjoy Reading Time with Lotspeich Librarian

Fourth- and Fifth-graders Create Quilt Featuring Famous Black Changemakers

Eighth-grade French Students Zoom with Students in Dubai

Seventh-grade History Students Discuss Civil Rights

Students Celebrate Chinese New Year

Seventh-graders Construct Earthquake-resistant Towers

Girls Swimmers Places Fourth at State

Boys Swim Team Travels to State

Boys and Girls Bowling Team Travel to Districts

Girls Basketball Team Named MVC Champions

Spring Sports Season Begins

Celebrating Changemakers in Unit II

Zooming into Book Clubs in Unit III

Kindergarten Nature Explorers

Observing Seasonal Change in Pre-kindergarten

Learning Money Values in Unit I

Comparative Analysis of Contemporary Works in English 12

Effecting Change through Literature Studies

Celebrating the Lunar New Year

A Midsummer Night’s Dream: Zoom Style

Seven Hills Students Claim Rare Recognition with Cincinnati’s Overture Awards

Middle Theater to put on “Shrek”—Free Live-Streamed Performance Saturday—Feb. 27!

Seven Hills Students Claim Rare Recognition with Cincinnati’s Overture Awards

Plaster Carving in Upper School Art

Form and Function—Shoe Painting in Middle School Art

Doherty Campus Celebrates Lunar New Year through Dance

National Merit Finalists


Pre-kindergarten for 2-year-olds Students Create Work Inspired by Alma Woodsey Thomas

Pre-kindergarteners Study Animals’ Winter Habits

Third-graders Create Geometry Cartoon Characters

Fourth-graders Study the First Amendment

GSA-Just Be You! Club Welcomes First Speaker

English Students Write About Friendship

Seventh-graders Design Zipline System

Sixth-graders Study Latin Roots of Words in the News

A Writing Prompt of Historic Proportions

Varsity Bowling Teams Having Strong Season

Upper School Students Answer the Question: Are We in a New Gilded Age?

Three Seven Hills Students Accepted to Prestigious Exploratory Medical Program

Understanding the Process of Titration in Chemistry

Seven Hills Wins AP Computer Science Female Diversity Award

Seven Hills Claims Tremendous Showing in Scholastic Writing Awards 2021

Out-of-This-World Writing in Pre-Kindergarten

Pre-kindergarteners Use Google Earth to Expand Their Worlds

In Love with Pre-kindergarten for 2-year-olds

Doherty Hears from Annual Chemical Dependency Speaker

Overture Awards

Upper School Presents Series of Student-Written Plays

Studying the Works of Author/Illustrator Faith Ringgold

Improv in First Grade

Upper School Students Answer the Question: Are We in a New Gilded Age?

Three Seven Hills Students Accepted to Prestigious Exploratory Medical Program

Understanding the Process of Titration in Chemistry

Seven Hills Wins AP Computer Science Female Diversity Award

Seven Hills Claims Tremendous Showing in Scholastic Writing Awards 2021

Unit III Spelling Bee

Animal Classifications

Lessons on Peace

Becoming Authors Around the World

Outdoor Learning in Pre-kindergarten

Using Emerson as a Guide in American Literature Honors

A Virtual Tour of Berlin

Delivering a little (Tasty) Joy!

A Writing Prompt of Historic Proportions

Learning the Art of Stage Combat

Lessons in Soft Sculpture

Wonders with Watercolor

Pre-kindergartners Blend Art with Kindness

Fifth-graders Analyze Population, Legislature Demographics in U.S.

Fourth-graders Study the Effects of Climate Change

Third-graders Design Play Structure in Project Math

Pollination Study Culminates with Project

First-graders Begin Global Read Aloud Unit

Sixth-graders Share End-of-Semester Projects

Eighth-graders Review Equations with Friendly Competition

Seventh-graders Graph Intercepts

Seventh-grader Wins Middle School Spelling Bee

Three Stingers Commit to Compete at College Level

Seven Hills Athletes Named Enquirer Fall All-Stars

Athletes of the Week

A Virtual Tour of Berlin

Second-graders Study Bridges

Second-graders Learn the Dreidel Game

Pre-kindergarteners Enjoy Presentation about Feast of the Seven Fishes

Fourth- and Fifth-grade Hold Annual Spelling Bee

The Science of Sleep

Unit III Uses App to Bring Explorers to Life

Kindergarteners Read Books en Español

Holiday and Learning Fun in Unit I

The Science of Sleep – Creating Conversations

Middle School Families Enjoy Zoom Cooking Class

Seventh-graders Study Courts

Sixth-graders Become Travel Agents

Seventh-graders Watch Density Lab via Zoom

Sixth-graders Study Cells

Discussion of the Cold War

Senior Named Candidate for National Merit Corporate Scholarship

Precalculus Honors Students Evaluate Expressions

Senior Talks COVID-19 on local Podcast

Books for Lunch – Save the Date!

Upper School Theater Highlights

Getting a Kick Out of Still Life

Senior Receives National YoungArts Award for Classical Music Accomplishments

Ceramics in Pre-kindergarten

Basketball Teams Participate in “Pass the Ball” Challenge

Doherty Campus Holds Food Drive

Middle School Enjoys Scavenger Hunt Before Break

The Turkey Tango Continues!

Third-graders Write Gratitude Journals

Kindergarteners Count by 5s and 10s

Seventh-graders Take Virtual Field Trips

Eighth-grade French Students Create “Le Photo Roman”

Eighth-graders Explore Robotics

Students Recognized at Athletics Awards Virtual Ceremonies

SH Placed on New Turf for Upper Field

The Turkey Tango Continues!

Math Department Uses Grant to Boost Remote Learning Engagement

Books for Lunch Goes Virtual!

Pre-kindergarteners Share Gratitude with Painting Project

ECC Enjoys Virtual Visit with Schoolhouse Symphony

Unit I Poetry Presentation

Student Musicians Shine through Obstacles Presented by Pandemic

Experiencing the Joy of Singing together through Challenges

Pre-kindergarteners Embark on Leaf Hunt

Science Students Plant Pollinator Garden

Second-graders Vote for Buckeye Book Award Nominees

Early Childhood Center Celebrates Election Day

Seventh-graders Write Children’s Books

Sixth-graders Assemble Fraction Puzzles

Eighth-graders Meet in Book Groups

Previewing the Class of 2025!

Miami Valley Conference Recognizes Fall Athletes

Two Seniors Compete at State Cross Country Tournament

Upper Field Turf Replaced

What Are You Reading?

Unit III Music Students Learn Unique Percussive Techniques

Calculating Curiosities

Public Speaking in Unit III

Doherty Campus Becomes an Open Book

Learning Spanish in Pre-kindergarten for 2-year-olds

Number Crunchers

Civic Engagement Day

Previewing the Class of 2025!

Upper School Receives Computer Science Education Award

Book Design—Cover to Cover

Fourth-graders Study Work of Kehinde Wiley

Learning the Art of Grafitti

Tapping into Kandinsky

Boys Varsity Golf Places Ninth at State

Cross Country Teams Running to Sectionals

Middle Girls Tennis Team Wins Invitational

Halloween on Parade!

Pumpkin Math in Pre-kindergarten

Second-graders Learn the Importance of Kindness

First-graders Practice Number Sense

Middle School Celebrates Pumpkin Day

Writing Workshop Creates Class Story

Sixth-grade Spanish Students Write Postcards

Seventh-graders Create Hertzsprung-Russell Diagram

Latin Class Craft Ancient Roads from Candy

Seventh-grader Competes in FINA

Middle and Upper School Instrumental Ensembles Prepare for Winter Concert

Upper Delivers “War of the Worlds” at The Schiff Center

The Making of a 3-D Pumpkin Patch

Theater Students Produce “Midnight Express” Play at Alms Park

Upper Chorus Practicing for Upcoming Performance


Latin Honor Society

National Latin Exam & Latin Honor Society

Seven Hills Upper School Students to Serve on Local Magazine Editorial Board

History Students Zoom Denmark to Discuss Presidential Election

Pete the Cat Visits Pre-K2

Unit I Learns-a-lot

Fall Fun in Kindergarten

Seasonal Book Comes to Life for Pre-kindergarteners

Senior Commits to Play Soccer at UVA

Girls Varsity Soccer Team Wins in Upset at Districts

A Good Read

Students Honor Sept. 11 Heroes

Pre-kindergarteners Enjoy Discovery Play Outdoors

Self-Portraits in Pre-kindergarten

Third-graders Compare and Contrast Fairy Tale “Cinderella”

First-graders Meet Fifth-grade Buddies

Fourth-grader Shares at Assembly

Kindergarteners Engage in Exciting Story Listening Lesson

Fifth-graders Design Mosaics in Project Math

Congratulations National Merit Commended Scholars

Pizarras Transparantes (Plexiglass as a whiteboard)

Juniors Study “The Crucible”

Just How Do Store Receipts Get Designed?

Upper School Journalism Class Prepares First Issue of Newspaper

Multiculturalism through Music

Studying Molas in Art

Building Safe Spaces for Beautiful Sounds

Visualizing Music

Improv in First Grade

Seventh-grade French Students Study Sounds

Demo Teaches Eighth-graders Science Lab Safety

Algebra Students Study Proportions

Design Thinking Students Practice Techniques

History Students Learn About Government through Civics

Boys Varsity Golf Team Wins Sectional Title, Moves onto Districts

Freshman Qualifies for Girls Varsity Golf Districts

Seven Hills Celebrates Homecoming Spirit Week

An In-depth (and timely) Study of the History of Vaccines

Spanish 4 Students Takes Classmates on Virtual Geographical Tour

Observing Physical and Chemical Changes in Chemistry

Drawing and Shading Drills in Upper School Art

Rhythm in Music

One-point Perspective

Improv at the DAC

Lotspeich Library to Safely Circulate Books

Exploding Dots in Project Math

Head of Middle School Takes Students on a Virtual Tour

Sixth-graders Study Geography Terminology

Seventh-graders Craft Raps in Chinese Class

Sports Broadcasting Club Helps Stingers Fans Enjoy Fall Sports from a Distance

Athletics Hall of Fame Renovated

Senior Commits to Play Soccer at University

Story Listening with Spanish

Levels of Meaning in Language Arts

A Practical Approach to Science

Pre-kindergarten-for-2-year-olds Learn about the Great Outdoors

Creating Out of the Box

Major Awards at Lotspeich

Fourth-graders Create Living Biographies

Kindergarteners Participate in Story Listening Lesson

Second-graders Write Acrostic Poem

Second-graders Build Cardboard Arcade Games

Students Visit Virtual Kalnow Gym

Eighth-grade Closing Ceremony

Eighth-graders Say Goodbye to Middle School with Drive the Hive

Eighth-graders Learn African Recipes in French Class

Upper School Theater Wins Cappie Award

Upper School Student Art Displayed in Virtual Gallery

Second-graders Hold Virtual Recital

Doherty Holds Closing Program via Zoom

Doherty Awards

STEM Challenge

Patterning in Pre-kindergarten

Building Language and Literacy

Seven Hills Recognizes Three-sport Athletes

Upper School Athletic Awards

Middle School Athletic Awards

Commencement Awards

Second-graders Share Autobiographies

Third-graders Study the Solar System

Pre-kindergarteners “Visit” Turtle Hospital

First-graders Take Virtual Field Trip to Connecticut Farm

Eighth-graders Share Mini Lessons About Cold War Period

Sixth-graders Study Landforms

Geometry Class Studies Regular Polygons

Upper School Theater Students Soar in online play

Step-by-Step Drawing Class for Lotspeich Art Students

Moving and Shaking in Pre-kindergarten

Visual Arts and Music Teachers Deliver Joint Lesson for Doherty First-Graders

Becoming Authors in Unit II

Doherty Celebrates with Online Magic Show

Fine Arts and Music Teachers Deliver Joint Lesson for Doherty First-Graders

Fifth-graders Complete Statistical Analysis Project

Sixth-graders “Pass the Blood”

Enquirer Names Seven Hills Alumni Best Boys Soccer Stars

Athletics Department Honors Spring Athletes on Social Media

Third-graders Share Cincinnati History Project

Librarian Teaches Students Importance of Online Safety

Fourth-graders Come Together Virtually During Morning Meetings

First-graders Watch Ducklings Hatch Via Zoom

Pre-kindergartners Enjoy Virtual Band Practice

Sixth-graders Study “The Giver”

Seventh-graders Study Weather

Writing Workshop Students Create Business Plans

Middle School Parent Community Hosts Virtual Ice Cream Social

Seventh-graders Participated in Interactive Investment Challenge

Enquirer Names Winter All-Stars

Senior Commits to Swim at University

Pre-kindergarteners Run in Virtual Mini Pig

Decoding the Letter “R” in First Grade

Reading and Gardening Go Hand-in-Hand

Taking on PPE Concepts in Bioengineering Class

Journalism Students Share Story Corps Interviews

Doherty Students Take on Art Challenge

Choral Students Prepare Virtual Choir Recordings

Painting for Meaning

Seven Hills Upper Theater Earns 16 CAPPIES nominations

Fifth-graders Bake at Home

Sixth-grade French Students Study Dates, Months

Sixth-graders Begin Human Body Unit

Eighth-graders Problem-solve Via Zoom

Writing Workshop Students Write Letters to Senior Citizens

Stinger@Home April Fitness Challenge

Coaches Connect with Student Athletes Online

Spanish Students Hear Story of “Tulita la Patita”

Seven Hills Team Wins Stock Market Game

Five Seniors Commit to Play Athletics at College Level on Signing Day

Athletics Social Media Feeds Spotlight Senior Athletes

Second- and Third-graders Participate in Remote Learning Book Club

Pre-kindergarteners Share Bird Reports

Physical Education Continues at Lotspeich

Sharing a Message of Hope and Gratitude Through Art

A Metropolitan Approach to Vowel Blends

Problem-Solving and Science in Pre-K

Learning about Cause and Effect

A Vibrant (Virtual) Visit of the Cincinnati Reds

A Very Special Story Time

Seven Hills Senior Recognized by United Soccer Coaches

Sophomore Recognized by New York Times for Essay Challenge

Girls Indoor Track Athletes to Travel to State

Middle School Girls Basketball Team Wins MVC Tournament

Doherty Pancake Breakfast and Art Auction

Doherty and Lotspeich Fifth-graders Attend Kindness Retreat

Upper School Chinese Students Teach Lower School Students About Lunar New Year

Upper School Chinese Students Teach Lower School Students About Lunar New Year

Doherty and Lotspeich Fifth-graders Attend Kindness Retreat

Second-graders Take Field Trip to Happen Inc. and Toy Lab

Junior U.S. History Students Interview Lotspeich Third-graders

Fifth-graders Meet for Book Club

Seventh-graders Attend Courage Retreat

Eighth-graders Study Polynomials in Algebra

Sixth-graders Study Geographical Features of Africa

African-American Awareness Club Holds Soul Food Festival

Upper School Chinese Students Teach Lower School Students About Lunar New Year

Junior U.S. History Students Interview Lotspeich Third-graders

Students Flip the Script with Movie Poster Project

Arts Alive — Fine and Performing Arts Festival — April 4!

2019-20 Winter Sports Awards

Students Take a “Day On, Not Off”

Middle School Holds Second Installment of Real Talk Series

Sixth-grade Spanish Students Study Numbers and Dates

Middle Schoolers Compete in Geography Bee

Lower School STEM Event

Lower School STEM Event

First-graders Design New Ways to Snack Healthily

Kindergarteners Share Penguin Presentations

Lotspeich Students Enjoy Bonnie Binkley Assembly

Fourth- and Fifth-graders Take Part in Geography Bee

Lower School STEM Event

An Alaskan Study

Friend-uary in Unit I

Students Celebrate Work of Martin Luther King Jr.

Coding in Pre-kindergarten

African-American Awareness Club Hosts Visiting Musician

Love is Love

Soul Bros Make National News

Chinese New Year

Books for Lunch Welcomes Author Christina Baker Kline

Varsity Boys and Girls Swim Teams MVC Champions, Headed to Districts

Bowlers Headed to Districts

Lower School Spirit Night

Cincinnati Enquirer Names Fall All-Stars

New Sport Attracts Attention at Seven Hills

New All School Event Arts Alive Gets Underway

Upper School Stages “All In The Timing”

Unit I Studies Stars at Drake Planetarium

Practicing Presentational Skills in Unit II

Stories From Out of This World

Discovery of Sound in Pre-kindergarten

First-graders Enjoy a Presentation from Fab Ferments

Fifth-graders “Smash Doodle” in Spanish

Pre-kindergarteners Plant Lettuce Seeds

Kindergarteners Visit the Newport Aquarium

First-graders Study Phonics

Seventh-graders Present Design Thinking Projects

Middle School Students Compete in Spelling Bee

Speaker Gives Lesson in Finance 101

Sixth-graders Put Latin in a Historical Context

Seventh-graders Dive into the Vocabulary of “Of Mice and Men”

2003 Alumnus Charges Upper School Students to be Courageous Every Day

Mark Your Calendars for Books for Lunch!

Enlightening Art

Illusionary Art in Third Grade

The Beginning of a Collaborative Fourth- and Fifth-grade Musical

Reactive Glass Panel Work

Upper Theater Students to Put on 7 One-Act Plays

Varsity Gymnastics Team to Host Meet

Senior Laura Shuppert Scores 100th 3-pointer

Sophomore Ella Jo Piersma Breaks Two School Records

Boys and Girls Varsity Basketball Teams Hosting January Clinics for Lower School Students

Fifth-graders Explore Life in the Middle School

Fourth- and Fifth-graders Participate in Lotspeich Spelling Bee

Second-graders Host a Morning with the Bridges

Kindergarteners Hold Celebration of Lights

Fifth-graders Complete Breakout Box Activity

Parading Ozobots

Gingerbread Holiday Village

Middle Schoolers Collect Items for The Caring Place

Middle Schoolers Compete in Mini-MATHCOUNTS Competition

Sixth-graders Band Birds

Seventh-graders Design Board Games for Kindergarteners

Sixth-graders Present “The Monkey’s Paw” Projects

Seventh-graders Take Part in Healthy Visions

Computer Engineering Students Automate ‘Smart’ Train Set

Middle School Instrumental Ensembles

Upper School Symphonic and Contemporary Instrumental Ensembles

Upper School Chorus Performs Beautifully at The Schiff Center

Voices Soar During Middle School Winter Choral Concert

Lotspeich Second-graders Perform Holiday Show

Senior Recognized by United Soccer Coaches

Seven Hills Celebrates Rival Week, Middle School Spirit Night

Student Athletes Commit to Colleges

Ninth-graders to Perform in “The Nutcracker”

Seven Hills Junior Receives National Award for Classical Music Accomplishments

Seven Hills in the News for #1 Ranking

Seniors Commit to Play at College Level

Fall Athletic Awards

Seven Hills Welcomes New Head Softball Coach

‘Hairspray’ Casting Spurs Journalistic Event

Personal Challenge Sharing

ECC Hosts Thanksgiving Grateful Gathering

Everybody Counts!

Fourth-graders Learn About Friendship

Community Service Club Preps Gardens

Fourth-graders Design Pollinators in Makerspace

Fifth-grade Team Places First in Category in Perennial Math Tournament

Eighth-graders Learn About Immigration Process

Seventh-graders Use Seven Hills Dress Code to Study First Amendment

Sixth-graders Step into the Shoes of Syrian Refugees

Eighth-graders Visit Upper School During Preview Days

Eighth-grader Cast in “The Nutcracker”

Middle School Asks Students to Pay it Forward

Thankful for Grandperson’s Day

Seven Hills Upper Theater Delivers Brilliant Performance in The Schiff Center

Junior Saxophonist Performs in Select Cincinnati Youth Jazz Orchestra

Sophomore Violinist Leads Initiative to Donate Instruments to Young Musicians

General Art Upper School Students Use Emotion as Medium

Thankful for the Turkey Tango!

Seven Hills Upper School Named Top STEM School by Newsweek

Seven Hills Junior Achieves Perfect Composite ACT Score

Fall Athletic Awards

Fourth-graders Write Scary Stories

Third-graders Take Field Trip to Sunwatch Village

Second-graders Lay “Dead” Words to Rest

Halloween’s Alive at Doherty

Doherty Hosts Halloween Spook-tacular

Unit II Does Sweet Study of States of Matter

Unit III Creates Crosswords in Spanish

Unit II Visits Big Bone Lick State Park

Safety Week

Pumpkin Day

Creepy Critters Day

Author Speaks to Middle, Upper School Students

Real Talk Series Kicks Off in The Schiff Center

Upper School Students and Faculty Volunteer for Day of Service

Junior Violinist Competes in Germany

Seven Hills Instrumentalists Earn Gold Medal from Australia Performance

Fifth-grade Musical Tells the Story of “Cinderella”

Middle Schoolers Put on a “Pirate Show”

Eighth-grader Places Second in Hyde Park Art Show

Boys Soccer Team Advances to Regional Finals

Girls Varsity Soccer Coach Recognized by Ohio High School Athletic Association

Athletic Awards are Nov. 4

Volleyball Team Named District Runner-Up

Cross Country Teams Compete at Regionals

Fifth-graders Create Dye Bath

Sixth-graders Study Characteristics of Living Things

Spooktober Fest

Lotspeich Halloween Parade a Spooky Good Time

Seven Hills Congratulates National Merit Commended Students

Seven Hills Upper School Devotes Day to Unpack Defamation

National Hispanic Scholars

Fifth-graders Meet for Lunchtime Book Club

Pre-kindergarteners Study Weather

First-graders Meet Fifth-grade Buddies

Third-graders Create Keys for Success

Pre-kindergarten for 2-year-olds Visits Parky’s Farm

Unit III Visits Glen Helen

First-grade Spanish Class, Doherty Library Partner for Global Read Aloud

Beginnings Students Ride the Bus

Doherty Book Fair

Learning to Hypothesize

Students Learn About Space Through Demonstrations

Roman Street Treats

Sixth-graders Create Puzzles for Alzheimer’s Patients

Eighth-graders Study French Vocabulary

Sixth-graders Review Math Lesson with a Game

Defamation Experience Enlightens Upper School

National Chime Music Orchestra of Hubei Song and Dance Theater of China Performs in The Schiff Center

Spanish Exchange Students Visit Seven Hills

Sophomores Enjoy Performance of “Macbeth” in The Schiff Center

National Hispanic Scholars

Student Instrumentalists Selected to Join Prestigious Regional, State Symphonies

School House Symphony Performs on the Doherty Campus

Lotspeich Second-graders Create Accordion Books

Learning Landscape Painting

Homecoming 2019 was Full of Spirit!

Golf Team Advances to Sectionals

Seventh-graders Learn About Mid-Autumn Festival

Middle Schoolers Enjoy Annual Beginning of the Year Retreats

Eighth-graders Bond on Annual Adventure Trek

Story Listening in Spanish Engages Students in Exciting Lesson

Fourth- and Fifth-graders Create Persuasive Arguments for Class Pet

Kindergarteners Make Hippopotamus Sandwiches

Second-graders Study Bridges

Parents Learn About Digital Well-being and Social Media

2019-20 School Year Begins with Exciting Pep Rally

Homecoming is Sept. 20 and 21!

Fall Spirit Night

Varsity Girls Soccer Team Starts Season Strong

Cross Country Team Wins at Felicity-Franklin Invitational

Seven Hills to Participate in Lace Up 4 Pediatric Cancer

Learning Art History By Concentration

Upper School Students See Pulitzer-Prize-winning Play

Instrument Fair

“Hairspray” Coming to the Schiff!

Tunnel Walk

One Book, One School

Pre-kindergarten hiking adventure class

New Chef at Doherty

The National Merit Scholarship Program Names 10 Seven Hills Seniors National Merit Finalists

Upper School Students Invite Peers to Get Involved

The Seven Hills School Tops Rankings in Ohio and Cincinnati

Congratulations to the Class of 2019!

Sue Bone Retires After More Than Two Decades at Seven Hills

Lotspeich Closing Exercises

Seniors Reunite at Lotspeich

Kindergarten and Pre-kindergarten Celebrate the Last Day

Tennis-Baseball Fun for Players, Fans

Students Enjoy Play Day

Fourth-graders Connect the Blocks

Middle School Closing Ceremony

Students Present Check to the Caring Place

Design Thinking Presentations

Asia Day

Doherty Closing Program

Doherty Awards

Mrs. Guethlein Rocks!

Graduating Seniors Return to Doherty

A Community of Joiners and Doers: Seven Hills Graduates Class of 2019

Graduating Seniors Return to Lower Schools

Students Nominated for Cappies

Upper School Spring Art Show

Mural Art in the Way of Kandinsky

Rehearsal Makes Perfect at Doherty!

Brilliant Work!

Sports Awards Announced

Senior Named Gatorade Ohio Boys Soccer Player of the Year

Baseball Team Named District Runners-up

Middle School Boys Tennis Team Named Tournament Champions

Seven Hills Launches Summer Soccer Academy – Register Today!

SNAAP Banquet Celebrates Students

SNAAP Banquet Celebrates Students

Commencement Awards

Boundless Learning with May Term

Upper School Students Earn Perfect ACT/SAT Scores

National Merit College-Sponsored Scholarship

Upper School Spring Athletic Awards Announced

Kindergarteners, First-graders Hold Plant Sale

Fifth-graders Take Field Trip to Dearborn, Michigan

May Fete

Fourth-graders Create Living Biographies

Locks for Leonard

Sixth-graders Participate in Refugee Project

Students Compete in Math Bowl

Students Take National Latin Exam

Seven Hills Summer Program

Senior Circle Surprise

Senior Culminating Experience

Senior Class Day

Shark Tank Presentations

Students Take National Latin Exam

The Schiff Center Grand Opening

Middle School Symphonic Ensemble (And a Special Farewell!)

Upper School Contemporary and Symphonic Ensemble

Lotspeich Third- and Fourth-graders Perform Disney Revue

Lotspeich Second- and Third-graders Attend Performance of “Rosa Parks”

Nature Exploring in Kindergarten

Doherty Green Team Honors Former Head Patti Guethlein

Olympic Day at Doherty

Doherty Carnival Fun for All

Doherty Campus Picnic

Signing Day

Sophomore Named District Champ

Senior Throws Perfect Game

Spring Athletic Awards Rescheduled

Freshman Breaks Records

Upper School Choral Concert

Max Yuan Named National Merit Scholarship Winner

Locks for Leonard is May 16

Sixth-grade Writing Workshop Illustrate Children’s Books, Write Haikus

Seventh-graders Study the Hydrosphere

Seventh-graders Finish Third in Stock Market Game

Sixth-graders Visit Indianapolis

Second-grade Arcade Day

Third-graders Take Field Trip to COSI

Kindergarteners Work with Eighth-graders to Conduct Experiment

Fourth-graders Take Trip to Camp Kern

Second-graders Hold Bake Sale

Mini Pig

Circle of Fun

A Funny Thing Happened on our Way to the Zoo

Doughnuts with Dad

Senior Named National Merit Scholarship Recipient

Senior Accepted to Medical School Program

Chemistry Students Honored

National Junior Classical League Honor Society

English Class Expands Understanding of August Wilson’s Work

Middle School Chorus Performs Spring Concert

Middle Schoolers Stage “High School Musical Jr.”

Boys Tennis Team Second in the State

Spring Athletics Awards Ceremony Planned

Softball Team Named MVC Champs

Students Named Winter All-Stars

Senior Named Miami Valley Conference Athlete of the Week

Boys and Girls Lacrosse Teams to Play in Regional Qualifying Games

Senior Accepted into Medical Program

Student Athletes Nominated for Awards Senior Wins Soccer Award

Softball Accomplishments

Holocaust Survivor Speaks to Eighth-graders

Students Attend Leadership Day

Students Head to Power of the Pen State Competition

Seventh-grader Places Second in Regional Spelling Bee

Students Compete at OJCL Convention

Integrated Inventions

Unit I Learns about Birds of Prey

Anatomy of a Bumblebee in Pre-K

Doherty Green Team on the Move

Doherty Launches “The Great Kindness Challenge”

Sophomore Solos at Music Hall

Seven Hills Chorus Headed to Carnegie Hall

Upper School Theater Students to Perform “Summer Brave”

Seven Hills Students Shine at Ohio State Thespian Conference

Upper School Art Teacher Holds Discussion about Notre Dame Blaze

French Class, French Art

Cum Laude

Grandpersons’ Day Celebrated at Lotspeich

Third-graders Share Living History

First-graders Prepare Garden Beds

Fourth-graders Learn the History of Newspapers

Fifth-graders Become STEM Superheroes

Student Celebrates Life of Friend through Cubing Competition

Kindness Retreat

Dia de Guatemala

Fifth-grade Lesson Explores Types of Chemistry

Fourth-graders Volunteer at Mt. Healthy North Elementary

Cultural Connections Week

Unit III Uses Robotics to Make Mini Golf Course

Kindness Retreat

Hopping Along in Pre-K

Global Education Day

Authors Speak to Middle School Students

Eighth-graders Compete in MATHCOUNTS

Courage Retreat

2019 Frederick A. Hauck Scholarship Winners

Students Attend Leadership Seminar

2019 Frederick A. Hauck Scholarship Winners

Swim Teams Place in Top Five at State Tournament, Senior Named State Champion

Boys Basketball Team Competes in Tournament Game

Student Athlete Named to All-Southwest District High School Girls Basketball Team

Freshman Animation Director to Compete on National Stage

Eighth-graders Create Symbolic Self Portraits

Doherty Fifth-graders Stage “Thwacked!”

Lotspeich Students Perform Concert

Enquirer Names Seven Hills Athletes to All-Southwest District High School Boys Basketball Team

Actors from August Wilson Play Workshop with Upper Students

African-American Awareness Club Celebrates with Soul Food Fest

Model UN Earns Four Awards in Rigorous Competition

Upper School Athletic Awards Announced

Freshman Receives Regional Award for Short Film

Visiting Storyteller Urges, “Learn Your Migration Story”

Eighth-graders Study “Lord of the Flies”

Eighth-graders Complete Study of Parisian Monuments

Scholastic Recognizes 30 Seven Hills Student Writers, Poets

Visiting Storyteller Urges, “Learn Your Migration Story”

Books For Lunch Features Author Sy Montgomery

Upper School Stages “Elephant’s Graveyard”

Sophomore Selected as Overture Awards Finalist

Seven Hills Chorus Going to Carnegie Hall

Second-graders Draw Chickens

Swimmers Travel to State

Miami Valley Conference Awards are Sunday

Junior Student Athlete Featured on WLWT

Winter Athletic Awards Planned

Boys Varsity Team to Compete in Sectional Tournament

Seven Hills to Host Special Olympics

Seniors Take Chinese New Year Celebration to Doherty

Cardboard Box Challenge

Doherty Families Enjoy BBQ and Bingo

Unit III Studies Force and Motion

Seniors Take Chinese New Year Celebration to Doherty

Second-graders Learn About Lunar New Year

First-graders Celebrate 100th Day of School with STEM Challenges

Third-graders Present Plank Houses

Kindergarteners Share Penguin Presentations

Fourth-grader Advances to Regional Spelling Bee

Seven Hills Announces 2019 National Merit Finalists

2-year-old Pre-kindergarteners Hold a Teddy Bear Picnic

Community Service Club Volunteers at Matthew 25: Ministries

Third-graders Create Adverb Sandwiches

First-graders Learn About Germs

Fourth-grader Wins Geography Bee

Seventh-graders Debate “Of Mice and Men”

On Martin Luther King Jr. Day, a “Day On, Not Off”

Middle Schoolers Compete in Power of the Pen

Chinese Exchange Students Visit Middle School

Sixth-grader Wins Geography Bee

Stingers Break MVC Swimming Records, Claim Titles

Lower School Spirit Night

Upper Theater Takes on Historically Complex Play, “Elephant’s Graveyard”

Unit III Peace Poetry Project

Clean Water Study

Unit I Celebrates Chinese New Year

Studying the Solar System

Fourth-graders Partner for Poetry

It’s Going to Be Wild! Visiting Author, Sy Montgomery

Understanding Confucianism and Meritocracy

Building Vocabulary in French I

Freshman to Serve on Hamilton County Commission on Women and Girls

Chinese Exchange Students Enjoy Upper School Visit

Upper School Art Show

Learning the History of Mosaic Art

Graphed Self-Portraits

Making Mechanical Boxes

Puppetry in First Grade

A Study of Political Ideologies

Making Learning Elements in Macro-Engineering

Interpreting Macbeth with Shakespeare Company

Understanding Greatest Common Factor

Latin Club Celebrates Saturnalia

Books for Lunch Prepares for Visiting Author! Feb. 8!

Kindergarteners Study “The Mitten”

Be the Bee Takes Doherty by Swarm

Postseason Fantasy Football in Unit III

Mental Math in Unit I

Snow Much Fun!

Senior Recognized as All-American at National Ceremony


Lower School Spirit Night is Jan. 29!

Athletics Department Welcomes New Lacrosse Coach

Stingers to Swim at Southwest Ohio High School Swimming and Diving Classic

Design Thinking Class Participates in Teambuilding Exercises

Day On, Not Off is Monday

Students “Shake, Rattle, and Roll” with Earthquake Simulations

Students Review Algebra Principles

Seventh-grader Wins Spelling Bee

First-graders Collect Postcards from Around the World

Pre-kindergarteners Study Winter, Snow, and Ice

Kindergarteners Check Out First Book of the School Year

Project Math Introduces Students to Games, Prepares for Arcade Day

Fifth-graders Study the Periodic Table

Gingerbread Wonderland

Doherty Participates in Hour of Code

Spelling Bee

Green Team Learns about Local Hydroponics Company

Special Persons Day in Pre-kindergarten!

Hour of Code

Everybody Counts

Kindergarten Holds Celebration of Lights

Second-graders Share a Morning with Bridges

Middle School Celebrates Bill Waskowitz!

Innovation Lab Presentations

Middle School Holds Annual Read-a-Thon

Sixth-graders Present Puzzles to the Alzheimer’s Association of Cincinnati

Middle, Upper School Excels at the Classics

Entrepreneurship Students Present Work, Shark Tank-style

Middle, Upper School Excels at the Classics

English Students Experience Transcendentalism

AP Chemistry Students Study Spectrophotometry

Senior Tackles 100-Obstacle Course in World Championship

Second-graders Perform Holiday Concert

Sophomore Featured on WCPO

Freshman to Play Carnegie Hall

Heartfelt Holiday Messages from Upper School Chorus

Senior Scores 1000th Point in Basketball

Middle School Spirit Night!

Interview with Freshman Wrestler David Gelman

Senior Tackles 100-Obstacle Course in World Championship

Middle School Spirit Night is Dec. 14

Freshman Named Wrestling Champion

Stingers Swim at First Meet

Upper Chorus Spreads Holiday Cheer Across Cincy

Upper School Symphonic and Contemporary Ensembles

Middle School Instrumentalists Wow at Winter Performance

Middle School Winter Choruses Concerts

Pre-kindergarteners Prepare for Doherty Music Program

Literacy Strategist Works with Doherty Students

Kindergarteners Create Pumpkin Stories

Unit III Explores the World with Robots

Wiggling World of Worms

Seven Hills Parents Teach Kindergarteners About Hanukkah

Parent Speaks to Second-graders About Bridges

Lower School Students Explore Middle School

NASA Scientist Speaks to Seventh-graders

Eighth-grade Project Explores Budgets, Housing Costs in Cincinnati

Sixth-graders Band Birds

Students, Faculty Attend Conferences Focused on Diversity

Latin III Honors Celebrates End of Textbook Series

Cincinnati Shakespeare Company performs “Macbeth” for Sophomores

Senior Named to the 2018-19 All-Enquirer, Preseason Boys Basketball Team

Author Drew Daywalt Reads to Doherty Students

Sole Bros. Visit Doherty Campus

Pre-kindergarteners Paint Leaves

Perfect Timing, Chops, and Unending Energy!

Sophomore to Perform Solo with CSO

Seniors Commit to College Athletics on National Signing Day

Fall Cleanup

Eighth-grade Preview Day

Algebra 1A Students Finish Unit with Project

Students Raise Money for Go Baby Go!

Model UN

Seniors Take a Break

Upper School Holds Mock Election

Coach Honored by the Miami Valley Conference

LaRosa’s MVP Brennan Callow

Alumni Games to be Held Saturday

Thanksgiving at Lotspeich

“Alice in Neverland” Comes to Seven Hills Thanks to Bonnie Binkley Grant

The Early Childhood Center Votes!

Second-grade Parent Teaches Students About Diwali

Fourth-graders Learn About Space from Seventh-graders

Upper School Students Do the Turkey Tango

Bill Waskowitz’s Message to Middle: Reset Your Default Setting

Grandperson’s Day on the Doherty Campus

Seven Hills senior earns first chair placement in Regional Orchestra

Seven Hills Instrumentalists to Perform in Citywide and Regional Orchestras

Third Annual Spooktoberfest Fun for All

French Exchange Students Visit Seven Hills

Computer Engineering Class Busy with Projects

Upper School Students Volunteer for Day of Service

Senior Volunteers with Middle School Engineering Club

Senior Picked as LaRosa’s MVP

Middle School Students Perform Fall Show

Lotspeich Fifth-graders go to “Summer Camp”

Kindergarteners Have Spooky Fun in Theater Class

Studying Cycladic Art

Blending Art and Robotics

Middle School Celebrates Insect Day and Pumpkin Day

Senior Volunteers with Middle School Engineering Club

Creative Writing Rocks!

Latin Club Goes Green Screen

Adventure Treks

Halloween on Parade at Lotspeich!

Community Service Club Volunteers at Giving Fields, Holds Recycling Drive

Pre-kindergarteners Collect Leaves

Third-graders Paint Pumpkins in Style of Pacific Northwest Native Americans

Pre-kindergarteners Plant Tower Gardens

Halloween on Parade on the Doherty Campus!

Unit I Maps Ohio

Unit II Studies Plains Native Americans

2018 Fall Sports Award

Seven Hills Co-hosts College Fair

Golf Team Ends Season Strong

Three Students Named Enquirer Athletes of the Week

Kindergarteners Prepare for Halloween with Festive Song

Visiting Author Inspires Seven Hills

Strumming Along in Pre-K

Safety Week

Fifth-graders Travel to Glen Helen

Bat Unit Flies Into Kindergarten

Fifth-graders Breakout!

City Sustainability Employee Speaks to Fifth Grade

Nursery Rhyme Characters Parade through Lotspeich

Sixth-graders Make Puzzles

Students Fly Kites in Chinese Class

Creating a Comet

In Search of the First Amendment

Visiting Author Inspires Seven Hills

Latin Students Prepare for Field Trip with Ancient Comedy

Congratulations to our National Merit Commended Students!

Visualizing What Their Minds See

Doherty Comes Together for Pep Rally

Seven Hills Celebrates Start of School with Assembly

Art, Music, and Spanish Building Dedicated to Former Teacher

Seven Hills Celebrates Start of School with Assembly

Middle Schoolers Bond During Retreats

Math Challenges in Geometry

Eighth-grade Chinese Students Study Transportation in Asian Countries

Senior Earns Spot on the USA Today American Family Insurance ALL-USA Preseason Soccer Team

Homecoming is Sept. 21 and 22!

#StingerPride Day Kicks Off the School Year

SAY Spirit Night Was Fun for All

Seven Hills Welcomes New Soccer Coach, Physical Education Teacher

Seven Hills Celebrates Start of School with Assembly

Doherty Campus Welcomes New Head of School Tracy Murch

Upper School Teacher Studies Harkness Method at Philips Exeter

Freshman Selected for Middle School Honors Performance Series in NYC

Fourth- and Fifth-Graders Try Out Instruments

Congratulations to our National Merit Semifinalists!

Upper School Science Teacher Bryce Carlson Sets Rowing Record

Seven Hills Teacher Rowing Across the Northern Atlantic Ocean

Seven Hills Welcomes New Girls Varsity Soccer Head Coach

Student Athletes Receive Seven Hills Sports Awards

Spring Sports Awards Highlights

Senior has Stellar Baseball Season

Senior Competes in National Bowling Tournament

Seven Hills Students Nominated for, Win Cappies

Graduating Seniors Return to Doherty

Students Participate in Yearlong Poetry Postcard Program

Pre-K2 Celebrates Water Day!

Lotspeich Closing Exercises

Major Awards at Lotspeich

Graduating Seniors Return to Lotspeich

Pre-kindergarteners and Kindergarteners Celebrate Last Day of School

Good Apples Club

Students Build a Block

Fourth-graders Create Living Biographies

Gods and Goddesses in Kindergarten

Tennis-Baseball Pits Fifth Grade Against Faculty

Middle School Closing Ceremony

Seventh-graders Present Design Thinking Projects

Seventh-graders Share Space Presentations

Sixth-graders Design Teaching House for Refugees

Asia Day

Students Excel on National Latin Exam*

Class Awards Day

Senior Culminating Experience

Class Day Assembly

Students Inducted into National Junior Classical League Latin Honor Society

Congratulations to the Class of 2018!

Upper School Art Show

Center for Arts and Leadership Groundbreaking

Doherty Closing Exercises

Middle School Teacher Appears on Local Morning Show

Second Grade Opens Arcade to Lotspeich

Fun and Families at May Fete 

Grandpersons’ Day

Kindergarteners and First-graders Hold Plant Sale

Author Sandra Markle Visits Lotspeich

Community Service Club Volunteers 850 Hours

Doherty Carnival

Author Sandra Markle Visits Doherty

Girls on the Run Complete 5K

Butterfly Studies in Pre-Kindergarten for 2-year-olds

Students Skype with Author of Lily and Dunkin

Sixth Grade is for the Birds Day

Locks for Leonard Hair Fair

Middle School Leads Sustainability Efforts

Sixth-graders Complete In-Depth Study of the Human Body

New Middle School Students Welcomed

The Ohio Innocence Project Comes to the Classroom

Frankenstein on Trial in English 10

Mu Alpha Theta Inducts New Members

Student Receives Scholarship from Anthony Munoz Foundation

Seven Hills Students Nominated for, Win Cappies

Upper Theater Nails Drowsy Chaperone

Middle School Choruses Perform Spring Concert

Middle School Students Stage Once on This Island Jr.

Designing Coloring Books 

Senior Featured in the Cincinnati Enquirer

Junior Verbally Commits to University

Upper School Theater Performs Drowsy Chaperone

Upper School Symphonic and Contemporary Ensembles Perform Concert

Spring Sports Awards

Seven Hills Senior Named Presidential Scholar

Four Seniors Named National Merit Winners

Ken Revell Named Middle School Teacher of the Year by Cincinnati Chapter of the American Chemical Society

Sixth-graders Participate in “Healthy Visions”

Sixth-graders Zero in on Scientific Notation

Seventh-grader Places Fifth in Spelling Bee

Middle and Upper School Students Compete in OJCL Convention*

Senior, Junior Swim at YMCA Nationals

Senior Named 2018 High School Bowler of the Year

Seven Hills at the Sports Award

It’s All about Probability

Congratulations to New Members of Cum Laude Society

The Sassmannshaus Tradition

Lotspeich First-Graders Wow Audience with Colorful Performance

Pre-kindergarteners Grow (and Eat) Salads

Fourth-graders Study Simple Machines at Green Acres

May Fete is May 11!

Student-athletes Commit to Play at College Level

Bonnie Binkley Grant Brings Cat in the Hat to Lotspeich

Doherty Pancake Breakfast and Art Auction Benefits Cooperative for Education

Global Ed Day

Black History Month Celebrated at the Upper School

Students Travel to Math Competitions

Juniors Earn Perfect ACT Scores

Varsity Basketball Teams End Season Strong

Students Named Enquirer Athletes of the Week

Senior Wins Overture Competition, Freshman Advances to Final Round

Directing Students Produce 10-minute Plays

Third-, Fourth-, and Fifth-graders Highlight Talents in Recorder Concert

Seventh-graders Participate in Courage Retreat

Seventh-graders Work with Cincinnati Shakespeare Company

Third-graders Design World War I Dazzle Ships

Kindness Retreat

Unit II Transforms Classroom into the Pacific Northwest

Pre-kindergarten for 2-year-olds Class Celebrates Black History Month

2 Juniors Earn Perfect Composite ACT Scores

2017-18 Winter Sports Awards

Freshman, Senior Advance to Final Round of Cincinnati Arts Association Overture Awards

Lower School Spirit Night

Scholastic Recognizes 11 Seven Hills Student Writers, Poets

Upper Students Recognized with Hauck Scholarships

Funuary in Full Swing

Girls and Boys Bowling Teams Compete in MVC Tournament

Swimmers Move to Districts

Unit I Shares Winter Poetry Presentation

Fourth Grade Studies Chemical Reaction

Third-graders Present Plank Houses

Kindergarten Share Penguin Presentations

Sole Brothers Speak to Community Service Club

Upper School Students Stage The 39 Steps

Haitian Music to be Featured in Spring Concert

Freshman Musician to Play Solo with Cincinnati Pops – Feb. 3

Seven Hills Congratulates Presidential Scholar Candidates

Sharing the Courage of King

Senior Maggie Kersting Scores 1,000th Basketball Career Point

Senior Tindar Cyr Commits to Swim at Princeton