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The Science of Sleep

Bedtime and sleep are recurring themes that have grabbed the attention of people of all ages, especially now. Seven Hills’ counseling department hosted a two part zoom Sleep Discussion in December and early January. Behavioral psychologist Dr. Sarah Skoch shared her experience that sleep is an important aspect of wellness not always discussed in educational environments, yet has a profound impact on the lives of children. Skoch provided a comprehensive look at the sleep needs and issues of children from age 2 to 17 over the course of her two Zoom presentations to the school community. She said many people, young and old, have had trouble getting to sleep because quarantine has placed them in a new, unknown routine. “COVID-somnia is a thing. Sleep schedules are off sometimes because people don’t have a work commute and they are home early. They may be staying up later with their kids,” said Skoch. “People are having more vivid dreams and more sleep issues” Skoch said those who are developing insomnia or having trouble waking up in the middle of the night should think about a more structured bedtime routine. “Go to bed earlier,” said Skoch. “Sometimes 30 minutes makes a difference. Over the course of weeks, that can add up to a significant sleep deficit, if you aren’t getting those extra minutes.” Register now for a discussion with Skoch, regarding the science of sleep for Middle and Upper School students. To register and for more information about Seven Hills’ speaker series, please contact Angie Bielecki, school counseling department chair, at 513.728.2326 or