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Upper School grades 9 through 12

The Upper School experience helps young people stretch and test themselves to find out what they’re made of and what makes them happy. That’s why they are ready, not only for college, but for a life of meaning and purpose.

It’s a student-driven learning environment with teachers at their side every step of the way. Teachers guide students and step back while they apply their knowledge, question the status quo, and chart their paths to the future.


That’s every Seven Hills graduate as they step forward to take on the world. Our Upper School students are marked by their deep engagement in a range of academic and extracurricular pursuits, each intentionally and purposefully preparing them to be critical thinkers, problem solvers, and lifelong learners.

Our Philosophy

At this point in their education, students are eager to make their own way. They’re becoming young adults, ready for all the independence that entails. At Seven Hills Upper School, we entrust our students with a healthy degree of freedom and responsibility – because we know that they have the discipline, creativity, and resilience to take it on. Of course, we also support students along the way; advisors, counselors, and teachers work with students both to help them succeed and to guide them toward a deeper understanding of who they are. We believe that the more they understand about themselves and the world, the better able they are to thrive in college and beyond.


Matthew Bolton, Head of Upper School
Matthew Bolton, Head of Upper School

Our Approach

For Upper School students, our curriculum grows each year in variety and depth. As they progress from freshmen to seniors, students gain greater flexibility to choose electives, take Advanced Placement courses, design independent studies, and even declare Concentrations. And through service, travel, and our Experiential Learning program, they have even more opportunities to engage in the local and global communities of which our school is a part.

That’s why reflection and respect form the backbone of our community. We ask Upper School students to think seriously about their own lives: Where do they want to go? What do they hope to achieve? How can they make a difference?

All of these endeavors take place in an unfailingly supportive environment. The Upper School is a place of ready smiles, encouraging words, and mutual respect between students and their teachers. It is a place in which new students quickly find themselves at home, and from which they will ultimately emerge as confident and accomplished young men and women.

We invite you and your family to visit us to experience the very special community at Seven Hills.

Best regards,

Matthew Bolton, Ph.D.
Head of Upper School

Upper School Curriculum


In our Upper School, students become grammatical experts, literary geniuses, and passionate writers.

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Our students learn to tackle problems logically and to approach math in original and creative ways that will serve them far into the future.

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At Seven Hills, students do the work of real historians, reconstructing the past through a deep investigation of primary and secondary sources.

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Built around experimentation and discovery, our science courses are dedicated to helping our students become socially engaged and scientifically literate citizens.

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Computer Science

In an ever more interconnected world, we want to make sure our students emerge ahead of the curve, prepared as future-ready leaders.

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World Language

Beyond writing, reading, speaking, and listening skills, we want our students to understand and appreciate different cultures so that they can become truly global citizens.

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Fine and Performing Arts

There’s a passion for the arts at Seven Hills that inspires our students to express themselves and fulfill their creative potential.

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Physical Education

We want to help each of our Upper School students live a life of physical fitness, healthy nutrition, and responsible decision-making.

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Woven throughout our entire curriculum, our Signature Programs represent a distinctive and innovative approach to education that engages and motivates students through unique learning opportunities and experiences. These programs reach their culmination in our Upper School when students have the chance to their time and energy on particular subjects, more fully exploring into the passions they might carry through to college or to their lives beyond. 

Together, these signature programs tie together learning experiences in STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) and the arts. They foster such skills as critical thinking, creative problem solving, teamwork, and application of knowledge in the real world. In short, these signature programs add depth and texture to your student’s learning journey.

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