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Because our students range in age from 2- to 18-years-old, the environment and experiences at The Seven Hills School are different. They’re more holistic, more intentional. Focused more on the big picture — a complete education that guides students through every stage of their development.

"Our curriculum is as responsive as it is rigorous, as far-ranging as it is relevant. Seven Hills meets students where they are and helps them grow from there."

Christopher P. Garten Head of School


Wherever they are in their Seven Hills journey, students are discovering, exploring, coming into their own, and telling their story. Visit our Early Childhood, Lower School, Middle School, and Upper School specific pages for details on our curriculum, athletics, extracurricular activities, and college counseling.

Early Childhood

Our Early Childhood curriculum is academic focused with a strong emphasis on holistic growth. Our faculty know that fostering values, habits, and social emotional learning is as important as academics. That’s why they track children’s developmental milestones and guide them in a comfortable environment. In our early childhood programs, the seeds for a love of learning are sowed, and they last a lifetime.

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Lower School

We love teaching young children because we’re setting them up for a lifetime of fun and fulfilling learning. At both of our Lower Schools, students build a strong foundation in a wide range of subjects while also exploring what interests and excites them. In bright and stimulating classrooms, libraries, labs, and makerspaces, expert teachers guide students as they learn more about themselves and the world around them.

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Middle School

As our Middle School students grow into their own, they are surrounded by supportive and nurturing teachers who guide them through learning and through life. Through a lively, skills-oriented curriculum, students are exploring their emerging talents, learning responsibility, and gaining confidence as they prepare Upper School.

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Upper School

Our curriculum grows each year, giving Upper School students more choices and opportunities to focus on their talents and challenge themselves. Whether they’re participating in our highly competitive athletics, putting on a performance in the Donovan Arts Center, or conducting an independent study, our students are developing a unique skillset that will help them thrive in college and in life.

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