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Seven Hills Magazine is published on a biannual basis in the spring and fall. The publication is mailed to our alumni, current parents, and friends of the school. Each magazine offers an in-depth look at signature programs in the Seven Hills community. In its pages readers find profiles of innovative programs, engaged learning, and high-achieving alumni.


Seven Hills Ranked #1 by Niche

Eighth-grade Closing Ceremony

Middle Schoolers Raise More than $20,000 for The Caring Place

Awards of Distinction

Seven Hills Breaks Ground on Middle School Expansion and Renovation Project

Asia Day

SNAAP Banquet Celebrates Students, Families

Seventh-graders Make Confetti Bombs

Sixth-graders Compete in Torso Triathlon

Author Maulik Pancholy Speaks to Students

Innovation Lab Students Create Automata

Seventh-grader Competes in Youth Olympic Events

Middle Schoolers Perform “An Afternoon of Instrumental Music”

Sixth-grade Writing Workshop Re-writes Fairy Tales

Computer Science Students Study Robotics

Middle Schoolers Participate in Walk-a-Thon

Middle School Presents “An Evening of Scenes”

Eighth-grade Latin Students Zoom with Archaeologist

GSA Club Welcomes Virtual Guest Speaker

Sixth-graders Kick Off Body Systems Unit

Eighth-graders Attend Virtual Leadership Conference

Middle Schoolers Compete in Math Contests

Practice, Practice: Instrumentalists Prepare for Upcoming Spring Concerts

DIY Chia Pets in Sixth-grade Art

Middle School Holds True, Kind, and Necessary Day

Latin Students Virtually Tour Nashville Parthenon

Seventh-graders Learn Circuitry in Innovation Lab

Sixth-graders Review Math Concepts with “Jeopardy”

Eighth-grade French Students Zoom with Students in Dubai

Seventh-grade History Students Discuss Civil Rights

Students Celebrate Chinese New Year

Seventh-graders Construct Earthquake-resistant Towers

Middle Theater to put on “Shrek”—Free Live-Streamed Performance Saturday—Feb. 27!

Form and Function—Shoe Painting in Middle School Art

GSA-Just Be You! Club Welcomes First Speaker

English Students Write About Friendship

Seventh-graders Design Zipline System

Sixth-graders Study Latin Roots of Words in the News

A Writing Prompt of Historic Proportions

Sixth-graders Share End-of-Semester Projects

Eighth-graders Review Equations with Friendly Competition

Seventh-graders Graph Intercepts

Seventh-grader Wins Middle School Spelling Bee

Middle School Families Enjoy Zoom Cooking Class

Seventh-graders Study Courts

Sixth-graders Become Travel Agents

Seventh-graders Watch Density Lab via Zoom

Sixth-graders Study Cells

Getting a Kick Out of Still Life

Middle School Enjoys Scavenger Hunt Before Break

Seventh-graders Take Virtual Field Trips

Eighth-grade French Students Create “Le Photo Roman”

Eighth-graders Explore Robotics

Seventh-graders Write Children’s Books

Sixth-graders Assemble Fraction Puzzles

Eighth-graders Meet in Book Groups

Previewing the Class of 2025!

Learning the Art of Grafitti

Middle School Celebrates Pumpkin Day

Writing Workshop Creates Class Story

Sixth-grade Spanish Students Write Postcards

Seventh-graders Create Hertzsprung-Russell Diagram

Latin Class Craft Ancient Roads from Candy

Seventh-grader Competes in FINA

The Seven Hills School Tops Rankings in Cincinnati

Building Safe Spaces for Beautiful Sounds

Seventh-grade French Students Study Sounds

Demo Teaches Eighth-graders Science Lab Safety

Algebra Students Study Proportions

Design Thinking Students Practice Techniques

History Students Learn About Government through Civics

One-point Perspective

Improv at the DAC

Head of Middle School Takes Students on a Virtual Tour

Sixth-graders Study Geography Terminology

Seventh-graders Craft Raps in Chinese Class

Eighth-grade Closing Ceremony

Eighth-graders Say Goodbye to Middle School with Drive the Hive

Eighth-graders Learn African Recipes in French Class

Eighth-graders Share Mini Lessons About Cold War Period

Sixth-graders Study Landforms

Geometry Class Studies Regular Polygons

Sixth-graders “Pass the Blood”

Sixth-graders Study “The Giver”

Seventh-graders Study Weather

Writing Workshop Students Create Business Plans

Middle School Parent Community Hosts Virtual Ice Cream Social

Seventh-graders Participated in Interactive Investment Challenge

Sixth-grade French Students Study Dates, Months

Sixth-graders Begin Human Body Unit

Eighth-graders Problem-solve Via Zoom

Writing Workshop Students Write Letters to Senior Citizens

Seven Hills Team Wins Stock Market Game

Sharing a Message of Hope and Gratitude Through Art

Seventh-graders Attend Courage Retreat

Eighth-graders Study Polynomials in Algebra

Sixth-graders Study Geographical Features of Africa

Students Take a “Day On, Not Off”

Middle School Holds Second Installment of Real Talk Series

Sixth-grade Spanish Students Study Numbers and Dates

Middle Schoolers Compete in Geography Bee

Lower School STEM Event

Seventh-graders Present Design Thinking Projects

Middle School Students Compete in Spelling Bee

Speaker Gives Lesson in Finance 101

Sixth-graders Put Latin in a Historical Context

Seventh-graders Dive into the Vocabulary of “Of Mice and Men”

Reactive Glass Panel Work

Middle Schoolers Collect Items for The Caring Place

Middle Schoolers Compete in Mini-MATHCOUNTS Competition

Sixth-graders Band Birds

Seventh-graders Design Board Games for Kindergarteners

Sixth-graders Present “The Monkey’s Paw” Projects

Seventh-graders Take Part in Healthy Visions

Middle School Instrumental Ensembles

Voices Soar During Middle School Winter Choral Concert

Seven Hills in the News for #1 Ranking

Eighth-graders Learn About Immigration Process

Seventh-graders Use Seven Hills Dress Code to Study First Amendment

Sixth-graders Step into the Shoes of Syrian Refugees

Eighth-graders Visit Upper School During Preview Days

Eighth-grader Cast in “The Nutcracker”

Middle School Asks Students to Pay it Forward

Seven Hills Upper School Named Top STEM School by Newsweek

Pumpkin Day

Creepy Critters Day

Author Speaks to Middle, Upper School Students

Real Talk Series Kicks Off in The Schiff Center

Middle Schoolers Put on a “Pirate Show”

Eighth-grader Places Second in Hyde Park Art Show

Sixth-graders Study Characteristics of Living Things

Students Learn About Space Through Demonstrations

Roman Street Treats

Sixth-graders Create Puzzles for Alzheimer’s Patients

Eighth-graders Study French Vocabulary

Sixth-graders Review Math Lesson with a Game

Learning Landscape Painting

Seventh-graders Learn About Mid-Autumn Festival

Middle Schoolers Enjoy Annual Beginning of the Year Retreats

Eighth-graders Bond on Annual Adventure Trek

Parents Learn About Digital Well-being and Social Media

The Seven Hills School Tops Rankings in Ohio and Cincinnati

Middle School Closing Ceremony

Students Present Check to the Caring Place

Design Thinking Presentations

Asia Day

Locks for Leonard

Sixth-graders Participate in Refugee Project

Students Compete in Math Bowl

Students Take National Latin Exam

Seven Hills Summer Program

Middle School Symphonic Ensemble (And a Special Farewell!)

Locks for Leonard is May 16

Sixth-grade Writing Workshop Illustrate Children’s Books, Write Haikus

Seventh-graders Study the Hydrosphere

Seventh-graders Finish Third in Stock Market Game

Sixth-graders Visit Indianapolis

Middle School Chorus Performs Spring Concert

Middle Schoolers Stage “High School Musical Jr.”

Holocaust Survivor Speaks to Eighth-graders

Students Attend Leadership Day

Students Head to Power of the Pen State Competition

Seventh-grader Places Second in Regional Spelling Bee

Students Compete at OJCL Convention

Global Education Day

Authors Speak to Middle School Students

Eighth-graders Compete in MATHCOUNTS

Courage Retreat

2019 Frederick A. Hauck Scholarship Winners

Freshman Animation Director to Compete on National Stage

Eighth-graders Create Symbolic Self Portraits

Freshman Receives Regional Award for Short Film

Visiting Storyteller Urges, “Learn Your Migration Story”

Eighth-graders Study “Lord of the Flies”

Eighth-graders Complete Study of Parisian Monuments

Seven Hills Announces 2019 National Merit Finalists

Seventh-graders Debate “Of Mice and Men”

On Martin Luther King Jr. Day, a “Day On, Not Off”

Middle Schoolers Compete in Power of the Pen

Chinese Exchange Students Visit Middle School

Sixth-grader Wins Geography Bee

Graphed Self-Portraits

Design Thinking Class Participates in Teambuilding Exercises

Day On, Not Off is Monday

Students “Shake, Rattle, and Roll” with Earthquake Simulations

Students Review Algebra Principles

Seventh-grader Wins Spelling Bee

Middle School Celebrates Bill Waskowitz!

Innovation Lab Presentations

Middle School Holds Annual Read-a-Thon

Sixth-graders Present Puzzles to the Alzheimer’s Association of Cincinnati

Middle, Upper School Excels at the Classics

Middle School Instrumentalists Wow at Winter Performance

Middle School Winter Choruses Concerts

NASA Scientist Speaks to Seventh-graders

Eighth-grade Project Explores Budgets, Housing Costs in Cincinnati

Sixth-graders Band Birds

Eighth-grade Preview Day

Algebra 1A Students Finish Unit with Project

Students Raise Money for Go Baby Go!

Bill Waskowitz’s Message to Middle: Reset Your Default Setting

Middle School Students Perform Fall Show

Middle School Celebrates Insect Day and Pumpkin Day

Senior Volunteers with Middle School Engineering Club

Creative Writing Rocks!

Latin Club Goes Green Screen

Adventure Treks

Visiting Author Inspires Seven Hills

Sixth-graders Make Puzzles

Students Fly Kites in Chinese Class

Creating a Comet

Seven Hills Celebrates Start of School with Assembly

Middle Schoolers Bond During Retreats

Math Challenges in Geometry

Eighth-grade Chinese Students Study Transportation in Asian Countries

Middle School Closing Ceremony

Seventh-graders Present Design Thinking Projects

Seventh-graders Share Space Presentations

Sixth-graders Design Teaching House for Refugees

Asia Day

Students Excel on National Latin Exam*

Middle School Teacher Appears on Local Morning Show

Students Skype with Author of Lily and Dunkin

Sixth Grade is for the Birds Day

Locks for Leonard Hair Fair

Middle School Leads Sustainability Efforts

Sixth-graders Complete In-Depth Study of the Human Body

New Middle School Students Welcomed

Middle School Choruses Perform Spring Concert

Middle School Students Stage Once on This Island Jr.

Ken Revell Named Middle School Teacher of the Year by Cincinnati Chapter of the American Chemical Society

Sixth-graders Participate in “Healthy Visions”

Sixth-graders Zero in on Scientific Notation

Seventh-grader Places Fifth in Spelling Bee

Middle and Upper School Students Compete in OJCL Convention*

Global Ed Day

Seventh-graders Participate in Courage Retreat

Seventh-graders Work with Cincinnati Shakespeare Company

Press Releases

With so many exciting lessons, events, and more happening in the halls of Seven Hills, we often share our news with the Cincinnati community. Press releases feature stories sent to news outlets in the area, as well as pieces about Seven Hills in the news.


Seven Hills Ranked #1 by Niche

Seven Hills Congratulates our 2021 National Merit Scholars!

E. E. Ford Foundation Awards Prestigious Matching Grant to The Seven Hills School

89% of Seven Hills’ Seniors Receive Early Action Acceptance

Art, Language Collide in Chinese Class

Middle School Students Featured in Cincinnati Children’s Video

Seven Hills Students Conduct Waste Audit

Seven Hills Students to Simulate World Hunger Crisis

Semester in Review

The Semester in Review, released at the closing of fall semester, compiles highlights from The Buzz. The publication takes a look back at special projects, programs, and accomplishments of our students and faculty during the first half of the year.