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Seven Hills Magazine is published on a biannual basis in the spring and fall. The publication is mailed to our alumni, current parents, and friends of the school. Each magazine offers an in-depth look at signature programs in the Seven Hills community. In its pages readers find profiles of innovative programs, engaged learning, and high-achieving alumni.


Doherty Virtual Art Show

Unit I Studies and Performs Folk Songs

Virtual Art Show at Doherty

Studying General Composition in Unit III Art

Doherty Campus Celebrates Lunar New Year through Dance

Studying the Works of Author/Illustrator Faith Ringgold

Pre-kindergartners Blend Art with Kindness

Ceramics in Pre-kindergarten

Unit III Music Students Learn Unique Percussive Techniques

Tapping into Kandinsky

The Making of a 3-D Pumpkin Patch

The Seven Hills School Tops Rankings in Cincinnati

Studying Molas in Art

Rhythm in Music

Visual Arts and Music Teachers Deliver Joint Lesson for Doherty First-Graders

Doherty Students Take on Art Challenge

Enlightening Art

The Beginning of a Collaborative Fourth- and Fifth-grade Musical

School House Symphony Performs on the Doherty Campus

Learning Art History By Concentration

The Seven Hills School Tops Rankings in Ohio and Cincinnati

Mural Art in the Way of Kandinsky

Rehearsal Makes Perfect at Doherty!

Doherty Fifth-graders Stage “Thwacked!”

Learning the History of Mosaic Art

Pre-kindergarteners Prepare for Doherty Music Program

Seven Hills Instrumentalists to Perform in Citywide and Regional Orchestras

Blending Art and Robotics

Kindergarteners Prepare for Halloween with Festive Song

Semester in Review

The Semester in Review, released at the closing of fall semester, compiles highlights from The Buzz. The publication takes a look back at special projects, programs, and accomplishments of our students and faculty during the first half of the year.