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Lower School grades 1 through 5

Seven Hills Lower School families can choose between our Doherty and Lotspeich campuses, both of which offer programs designed to bring out the best in every child. At every level, from 2-year-olds through fifth-graders, our students explore content that engages, challenges, and builds their confidence.

Children are learning responsibility and accountability for not only academic interests, but also for the wellbeing of others. In their own ways, our young scholars are grasping the concepts of empathy, justice, and kindness.


That’s the mindset of every Seven Hills Lower School student. In the early years of school, everything is full of possibility. This is the time when your child’s mind is curious and their joy contagious. We love teaching young children because we’re setting them up for a lifetime of fun and fulfilling learning.


Our Philosophy

Educational research shows that social and cognitive learning go hand in hand. Children who feel supported do better in their studies, welcome challenges more easily, and recover more quickly from setbacks. And they learn best when they relate to subject matter personally. They engage more – and remember more – through direct experience.

Tracy Murch, Head of Doherty
Susan Miller
Susan Miller, Head of Lotspeich

Our Approach

That’s why we ask our Lower School students to explore their feelings, complete hands-on activities, and work together to solve problems. So, whether they’re learning measurements by baking a cake or following the scientific method by observing just-hatched chicks, our students are gaining firsthand knowledge and experiences that will stay with them for life.

In both schools, our children are writers and scientists, artists and athletes, thinkers and problem solvers. And while many of our students would thrive at either location, some families find that one campus or the other is closer to home or suits their child’s learning style and personality better.

We hope you enjoy learning more about Doherty and Lotspeich. But more important, we hope that you and your children will come visit us and see Seven Hills for yourselves.

Best regards,

Tracy Murch, Head of Doherty
Susan Miller, Head of Lotspeich

Lower School Curriculum

Language Arts

Students not only read, but also discuss and collaborate with each other, working toward a greater understanding of literature and its value. We see writing as more than a skill: it’s a toolkit for self-expression. Our students learn to take pride in what they write and learn more about themselves while doing it.

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For first- through fifth-graders, our innovative program takes math beyond the textbook—and the classroom — to develop an instinctive feel for numerical and spatial relationships.

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Social Studies

In our social studies program, we encourage students to explore the rich diversity of human experience and to feel empathy for and connection to other people.

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Whether they’re in labs or out exploring nature, students learn to think critically, seek explanations, and to apply what they’re learning to solve authentic problems.

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World Language

From an early age, our students begin to study and appreciate the breadth of cultures and languages that make up our world.

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Our immersive arts curriculum gives students the freedom and confidence to express their creativity in different ways everyday.

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Physical Education

Whether it’s in art or writing, math or science, our students embrace the process of hands-on learning, working both individually and together to solve problems that demonstrate what they know.

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Woven throughout our entire curriculum, our Signature Programs represent a distinctive and innovative approach to education that engages and motivates students through unique learning opportunities and experiences. In Lower School, these programs introduce subject matter through real, direct experiences, showing students that following their imagination and taking on challenges leads to endless discovery. They begin to immerse themselves in our makerspaces, to understand how math applies outside the textbook, to experience the Spanish language, and to learn the benefits of collaborating with others.

Click the link below to see how our Signature Programs come to life in the Lower School

Our Signature Programs