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Middle School grades 6 through 8

At Seven Hills Middle School, we know that children in these important formative years start to come into their own. That’s why everything we do for this age group empowers them to be their best selves: full of potential, emerging talents, and imagination.

On any given day, a pre-algebra lesson points to a poetry project, which in turn plays muse for a U.S. history discussion. The organic connectivity of life in the Middle is profound. And inspiring.

Self-aware and seeking

That’s what we teach every Seven Hills Middle School student to embrace. Everything we do for this age group empowers them to be their best selves: full of potential, emerging talents, and imagination.


Our Philosophy

The sixth, seventh, and eighth grades involve big transitions for young people. They’re building on essentials they’ve learned before and preparing for high school. As students become more grounded in their emerging individuality, they are firming up their beliefs, bonding with their classmates, and figuring out what they love. It’s a pivotal period, and we consider it our responsibility to help them mature, emotionally and socially, into people of substance and generosity.

Bill Waskowitz, Head of Middle School


Our Approach

That’s why our expert educators have designed a lively, skills-oriented curriculum that is guided by students’ interests and engages them in the world at large. Through class field trips and entire days dedicated to enrichment activities, our students are evolving from concrete thinkers to abstract thinkers. We push them to look outside of themselves into their local, national, and global community, encouraging them to better understand other cultures. Our Middle School is a community of learners who share a love of discovery and experiences that help to sharpen the skills necessary for success, both at Seven Hills and beyond.

Whether they’re using the latest technology to understand the effect of global warming on the polar ice caps, or applying the First Amendment to matters of free speech in the Internet age, students use real-world issues to develop and hone the key skills of academic literacy in order to become thoughtful, creative, and collaborative thinkers and doers.

It is our hope that you and your family can get to know our community, and that we can help your child grow into their best self.

Best regards,

Bill Waskowitz
Head of Middle School

Middle School Curriculum


We invite our students—as readers, writers, speakers, and critics—into a lively and ever-evolving conversation about literature and reading.

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At Seven Hills, Middle School math is more than memorizing equations and ratios. Our students learn to apply mathematical thinking to everyday life.

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Our students learn to view contemporary issues through a historical lens, becoming well-informed, engaged citizens along the way.

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We believe that the best way to learn science is to become a scientist. Through laboratory experiments and fieldwork discovery trips, our students learn to understand and enjoy the world around them.

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Innovation Lab

We value the power of innovation so highly, we’ve dedicated a specific space and curriculum to encourage it.

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World Language

For our students, learning a foreign language is essential in gaining a broader, more balanced, and more nuanced view of the global community.

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This is the time when hidden talents emerge, undiscovered passions surface, and creative exploration is endless.

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Physical Education

We want to make sure our students are living at their healthiest and most physically fit, every day.

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Woven throughout our entire curriculum, our Signature Programs represent a distinctive and innovative approach to education that engages and motivates students through unique learning opportunities and experiences. In Middle School, students begin to embrace their emerging individuality, but they are also discovering the importance of relationships and working together. By combining out-of-classroom experiences like class retreats, extracurricular clubs, and immersive field trips with project-based learning, research reports, and presentations, our Middle Schoolers have countless opportunities to form tight bonds of mutual respect with their classmates.

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