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Middle School Athletics

With a wide variety of sports to choose from, there’s something exciting happening in Middle School sports all year long.

A Time to Hone Talents

They’re emerging as student athletes who have homed in on their sport or sports of choice. Seven Hills’ Middle School Athletics program shifts toward a more competitive, all-participation program, which allows students to discover their talents, sharpen their skills, and improve their game as they advance from sixth through eighth grade. Middle School sports is tailored to support students where they are, while encouraging them toward more independence and amore challenging course on the courts and fields. While removing minimum playing time in seventh grade, our older Middle School students compete in the Miami Valley Conference League (MVC), which is governed by Ohio High School Athletic Association (OHSAA) rules and regulations. Just as their minds and bodies are developing faster than at any other time in their lives, so are their athletic skills and abilities. Middle School athletes have a multitude of opportunities to dig into their sport or sports, put in the work, and love the game.



Middle School

Sixth-grader Anna goes into each game knowing her coaches are behind her. Her soccer, basketball, and lacrosse coaches have all worked with Anna one-on-one, helping her become the best player she can be. “My coaches work with me on my form and areas of improvement. They also give me opportunities, encourage me, and make me a better athlete.” Because of her participation in athletics, Anna has made new friends, and even more memories. A standout memory was in the last few seconds of a soccer tournament. “It was the final game, and I scored the winning goal with my left foot!”


Middle School

For seventh-grader Priya, athletics helped her adjust as a new student at Seven Hills Middle School. Participating in soccer, track, and basketball allowed the Middle Schooler to find her niche. “I was so nervous at first, but now I have so many friends whom I love seeing every day and who make me laugh every day,” she said. Priya has also developed as an athlete because of the constant encouragement and motivation from her coaches. Thanks to them, she says, even a loss feels like a win. Priya specifically remembers the soccer semi-finals against a local school, when her team was losing. “Coach Hanley pushed our whole team to work together, and we came back, but lost. Even though we lost, I felt that we won because our coach was happy and pushed us as much as we could.”