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Middle School Innovation Lab

We value the power of innovation so highly, we’ve dedicated a specific space and curriculum to encourage it.

Fostering Creators

The Innovation Lab is a state-of-the art space where students create, build, and think critically. Inspired by a  program at Stanford University, our Innovation Lab asks Middle School students to approach science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) with the mindset of problem-solvers, inventors, and entrepreneurs. The Lab is specifically geared for the aptitudes of adolescents. At this age, their idealism blooms, and they tend to channel energy into action more than reflection. In Middle School, we have three courses dedicated to innovation and design thinking.


This hands-on course encourages sixth-graders to explore the Middle School makerspace and teaches them the skills they will need to work safely and effectively there.

In this course, students may:

  • Work as individuals and in small groups, learning to use and control hand tools, power tools, and the 3-D printer
  • Develop their nonlinear problem-solving skills
  • Turn knowledge into action in a hands-on atmosphere

In Design Thinking, seventh-graders further hone their Innovation Lab skills and apply them to solve problems experienced by others.

In this course, students may:

  • Carefully move through the design thinking process of empathizing, defining, ideating, prototyping, and testing
  • Develop and refine their ability to collaborate toward a goal
  • Plan and manage their time
  • Interview others and record their observations
  • Experience empathy for the users of their creations

In this introductory course open to eighth-graders, no prior coding experience is necessary.

In this course, students may:

  • Learn the fundamentals of computer programming
  • Work through a variety of programming applications