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Middle School Clubs and Activities

With a broad range of after school clubs and activities to choose from, our Middle School students can spend time during and after school connecting with classmates, taking new risks and finding new passions. And as they grow more self aware and independent, we give them all the opportunity to cultivate their unique interests and take a deeper dive in what they enjoy.

Our Clubs


Student Council is composed of selected officers and interested students. They meet weekly to plan events that promote Seven Hills spirit. Student Council plans events ranging from dances and fundraisers to Middle School traditions like Pumpkin Day.



Latin Club is open to all Middle School students with an interest in Roman and Greek mythology, history, culture, archaeology, and language. Club members explore Roman life, holidays, and games

Spanish Club

Are you interested in Spanish holidays, food, art, music, dance and movies? The Spanish Culture Club is open to any student (regardless of their chosen language of study) who enjoys learning about customs, traditions, and cultures of Spanish-speaking countries. Come join us for crafts, food tastings, video viewings, and more!

Lab @ Lunch

Lab @ Lunch is open worktime in the Innovation Lab. Students must come with a project to work on but may store their project materials in the Innovation Lab. Projects can be personal projects or projects for school assignments.


Math Club prepares students in grades sixth through eighth for the nationwide MATHCOUNTS competition, held in February. MATCHCOUNTS aims to increase enthusiasm for Middle School mathematics. Math Club students also participate in SIGMA and Ohio Math League contests. Students with a love of math can join Math Club even if they don’t wish to compete.

Origami Club

Join the Origami Club and find the satisfaction that comes from transforming a simple square into something fabulous. Try your hand at the beautiful art of paper folding. Come to learn or teach others your favorites!

Jr. Thespians

Jr. Thespians is the Honor Society for Middle School Theater. Club time will be devoted to planning thespian activities and conferences, helping with different aspects of technical theater and design (posters, programs, costumes, props, etc.), and watching or reading plays or musicals.

Art Club

Come enjoy open studio time in the art room to work on your own projects or catch up on your art class work.

Writers’ Collective: Power of the Pen & More

Open to all students who enjoy writing, join to work on your stories, get peer feedback, train for Power of the Pen competitions (seventh and eighth grade), or enter contests. Students will also be constructing a literary arts magazine. Let your creativity loose!

Anime Club

Do you read manga? Watch anime? Enjoy drawing? Do you run like Naruto!? If you answered yes to any of these questions, this may be the club for you. All are welcome!

Star Wars Club

Do you love The Force? Do you fight The Dark Side? Are you a committed fan who knows the finer details of the worlds of Hoth and Dagobah? Come join us as we watch Star Wars films and other related movies, videos, etc., throughout this year!

Book and Tea Club

Come talk about books, recommend books, watch book trailers, and have the chance to check out books! Every once in awhile, we’ll also have tea time!

100 Mile Club

This club gets students outdoors to walk or run two days a week starting in November. The goal is to reach 100 miles by the end of the school year.

Drone Racing

Students will be able to design, build, fly, and race remote control quadcopters! Come earn your wings with us!

D&D/RPG Club

Students will join a party of adventurers on quests to slay fantastical beasts, raid treasure hoards, and uncover plots to overthrow kingdoms. Whether you are new to role- playing or a seasoned Dungeon Master, opportunity awaits. We will be learning new RPGs as well as playing some D&D.

Fun and Games Club

This club provides a space for students to play traditional board games, card games, and iPad games. You can play alone or join a group.


GSA- Just Be You Club

This club is a branch of the Upper School’s Genders and Sexualities Alliance Club and welcomes all LBGTQIA+ students including Allies! We seek to educate and raise awareness about issues within the LBGTQIA+ student body at the Seven Hills School and the larger world. We provide a safe space for education and community as well as instill change at Seven Hills that benefits the well-being of LBGTQIA+ students while enhancing the experience for all.

Junior Chefs

Do you love cooking and/or baking? Do you want to share a favorite recipe, or learn some new recipes you can try at home? Are you interested in learning about (and trying) international foods? Then this is the club for you! In this club we’ll discuss different types of foods, share recipes, and of course, eat some delicious food!

Wellness Club

Are you looking to improve your health and wellness? Would you like to learn more about different things you can do to support your mental, emotional and physical health? If so, join the Wellness Club! The purpose of this club is to learn and, more importantly, practice different strategies to support your overall health and joy. Activities will include coloring for relaxation, using guided visualization, practicing positive affirmations and gratitude, walking mindfully, and more. Expect this club to be a great place to practice valuable life affirming skills, relax and take a break from your busy day!

Environmental Club

This club is intended to investigate and discuss both local and global environmental issues and will have a focus on making a positive impact. We will learn both what the concerns are and how to mitigate them.