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Early Childhood Social Studies

An understanding of social studies begins with self-awareness, as children begin to learn more about themselves and the world around them.

Exploring Your World

There is so much to discover about our world and the many people and cultures that make it unique. Our students are introduced to countries, cultures, and traditions all while constructing individual and global perspectives.

Our youngest students take an exciting “flight” to a country many have never been to before, experiencing another culture in an exciting way. As they move onto kindergarten, students continue their travels during a lesson about the seven continents and learn what makes each unique without ever leaving the classroom. Cultures, holidays, lifestyles, and even animals—nothing is left unexplored.


In pre-kindergarten, students are still becoming aware of the greater world. We help increase their awareness by introducing them to other regions of the world and cultures outside of their daily life.

In pre-kindergarten, students may:

  • Realize and respect individual differences
  • Investigate different cultures, traditions, and lifestyles
  • Think as global learners
  • Explore the functions and contributions of community members within a classroom and in society
  • Interpret time-related concepts
  • Celebrate the origins of holidays around the world
  • Understand the contributions of national figures
  • Study various land and water forms
  • Explore maps, globes, and flags

Students in kindergarten learn more about themselves, their families, and their community.

In kindergarten, students may:

  • Begin to explore the world around them, learning about other countries and traditions
  • Learn in an exciting and engaging way with field trips, visiting experts, guests from other countries, and audiovisuals