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Annual Report

The Seven Hills School Annual Report offers information about the financial health of the school and acknowledges the generous support of the families and friends of The Seven Hills School. This yearly publication, released each fall, provides an overview of the achievements of the past academic year.


Seven Hills Magazine is published on a biannual basis in the spring and fall. The publication is mailed to our alumni, current parents, and friends of the school. Each magazine offers an in-depth look at signature programs in the Seven Hills community. In its pages readers find profiles of innovative programs, engaged learning, and high-achieving alumni.


Connecting with Switzerland

Flying off to Cultural Connections

Unit II presents Wax Museum

Combining Art and Language Arts in Unit III

Irish Dance and History in Social Studies

Fifth graders showcase robotic projects

Upper Schoolers teach about Lunar New Year

Learning about medicine in PK2

Heart shaped animals in Unit II

Drumming for Black History Month

100 Days of School

Student-led Composting Effort at Doherty

Building confidence with reading buddies

School House Symphony visits

Seventh graders read books to Doherty students

Polar Bears in PK2

Cultural learning in Unit I

Keeping others warm with donations

Doherty Performs Winter Programs

Nest Building in PK2

Learning about electric cars

Kindergarteners report the weather

Grandpersons Visit Doherty

Fifth Graders Preview the Middle School

Balloons over Doherty

Author presentations in Unit I

Morning helpers build confidence

Halloween at Doherty

Student presents from butterfly migration program

Doherty and Lotspeich Fifth Graders explore river

Doherty Bees meet their Hives

Doherty students learn about equity

Harvest Day in Kindergarten

Spirit Week at Doherty

Live from Doherty!

Civic Garden Center Visits PK2

Unit II Visits Fire House

Snake helps with animal lesson

Stingers Return to Doherty

Celebrating Community

Gardens at Doherty

Seven Hills School chief Chris Garten to exit; search underway for replacement

Good Luck, Fifth Graders!

Doherty End of Year Awards

Unit III shares Country projects

Birds of Prey in Unit I

Recalling Spanish Words in Kindergarten

Unit II tours Great American

Doherty Carnival Returns

Seniors Return to Doherty

Doherty Mini Pig

Visit from author Hena Khan

Vowel teams about town

STEAM Event a Success

Unit III explores Glen Helen

Unit I learns How-To Writing

Maker Mornings in the library

Bees Visit PK2

Field Trip to The Wiz, Jr.

Cultural Connections with Costa Rica

Read Across America in Kindergarten

Learning about Murals

Students Practice Reading in Spanish

Green Team Keeping Doherty Birds Fed

Lotspeich holds concert for parents

Pre-K goes out of this world!

Fifth graders create books dedicated to first grade buddies

Second graders build Ganges River

Kindergarten presents passion projects

Women Changemakers in Unit II

Fourth grader wins Spelling Bee

Super Bowl Lessons in Unit I

Olympics in PK2

Unit II practices dance

Adoria Maxberry discusses life journey with first graders

Third Grade visits Makino park for Project Math

Third grade virtually tours National Museum of American indians

Pre-k celebrates Winter Olympics

Grandpersons Virtually Visit Doherty

Unit III Experiences Ellis Island

Happy 100th Day of School!

Unit I learns gymnastics

Fifth graders have a flurry of fraction fun

Second graders discover their Chinese zodiac signs

Red Barn hosts “Fallen Fairy” performance

Unit III Creates Robotic Designs

Winter Comes to PK2

Thank you, Nurse Carolyn!

Virtual Grandpersons Day is Jan. 28

Fifth graders pilot new writing curriculum

Fourth graders want to help the seas

First graders grow their own garden

Kindergarten holds Festival of Lights


Fifth graders volunteering as Good Apples

Fourth graders explore new topics during Genius Hour

First graders create winter vignettes

Doherty performs Winter Programs

Fifth graders spread hope through micro-lending

Doherty collects supplies for tornado victims

Cooper the therapy dog visits Doherty

Fourth Graders practice whittling

Unit I Celebrates Grinch Day

Balloons Over Doherty

Seventh-graders read books to Doherty students

Unit III students display their improv skills

Day of the Dead in Unit I

Garden Center Visits Doherty

Pre-k students craft gifts for family members

Third graders create gratitude journals

Second graders celebrate Diwali

Second graders build bridges out of toilet paper rolls

Lotspeich celebrates annual Halloween Parade

Kindergarteners learn about agriculture at Benton Farms

Second-graders lay words to rest

Fifth-graders built habitats for their Spanish class pets

Fourth-graders experiment with force and energy

Halloween Cars on Parade

Live from Doherty!

Unit III Students Run Biochar Experiment

Calm Down Corner Helping preK, K Students Express Feelings

The Farm Comes to Doherty

Partnership Providing Additional Mental Health Services

Traditions continue with first- and fifth-grade buddies

Fifth-graders take the lead on Changemaker tradition

Fourth-graders’ learning takes flight with multi-subject collaboration

Building the bridge to understanding math

Lower Schools Unify Math Program

Doherty Celebrates Dot Day

Green Team Keeps Doherty Beautiful

New Head of Lotspeich Lower School Susan Miller reads to Students

Student Design School Value Posters

Creating Conversations Returns

Pre-K for 2s Enjoying Becoming Stingers

Unit III Students Learn About Courage with 9/11 Memorial Walk

Creating Conversations Returns

Lotspeich Fifth-graders Move Up

Lotspeich Year-End Awards

Faculty and Staff Bid Farewell to Retiring Educators

ECC, Lotspeich Students Enjoy End-of-Year Play Days

Seniors Reunite at Lotspeich

Fourth-graders Create Living Biographies

SNAAP Banquet Celebrates Students, Families

Inclusiveness, Kindness, Willingness: Doherty’s Fifth-Graders Move Up

Doherty Year-End Awards

A Trip Down Memory Lane at Doherty

Pre-kindergarten Moving Up Ceremony

What a Day!

SNAAP Banquet Celebrates Students, Families

A Parade for Head of School Carolyn Fox!

Author Maulik Pancholy Speaks to Students

First- and Fifth-grade Buddies Design Garden Stones

Second-graders Host Arcade Day

A Virtual Trip to the Sea

A Day to Fly Away

A Worthy Jaunt

Learning the Foundation of Coding in Pre-K

Cultural Connections—A Virtual RV Trip around the U.S.

Botany 101

Fraction Chefs

Studying Family Culture in Unit III

Cypress Trees for Earth Day

Lower Schools Virtually Welcome Author Don Tate

Fourth-graders Create Blackout Poems

Fifth-graders Study American History with Hands-on Activities

Fourth-graders Learn Code in Project Math

Sixth-graders Share Writing Workshop Work with Second-graders

Lower Schools Virtually Welcome Author Don Tate

Lotspeich Continues to Showcase Changemakers

Kindergarteners Search for Signs of Spring

Fifth-graders Plan Outdoor Classroom

Second-graders Study Rivers

Second-graders Build Pinball Machines

Doherty “Travels” the 50 States for Cultural Connections

Learning about Spring Things

Bound to Write a Story!

Going on an Insect Hunt!

Lotspeich Celebrates Grandperson’s Day Virtually

Seven Hills Parents Share Tuskegee Airmen Presentation with Kindergarteners

Pre-kindergarteners Walk Like Dinosaurs

A Deep Study of Erosion

Putting Spanish Language in Context in Unit I

Becoming Authors in Unit I

They are What They Read

Pre-kindergarteners Celebrate Black History Month with Songs

Fifth-graders Engage in Expedition Simulation

Second-graders Study Scientist Charles Henry Turner

Seven Hills Parent Teaches First-graders About Chinese Lunar New Year

Pre-kindergarteners Enjoy Reading Time with Lotspeich Librarian

Fourth- and Fifth-graders Create Quilt Featuring Famous Black Changemakers

Celebrating Changemakers in Unit II

Zooming into Book Clubs in Unit III

Kindergarten Nature Explorers

Observing Seasonal Change in Pre-kindergarten

Learning Money Values in Unit I

Pre-kindergarten for 2-year-olds Students Create Work Inspired by Alma Woodsey Thomas

Pre-kindergarteners Study Animals’ Winter Habits

Third-graders Create Geometry Cartoon Characters

Fourth-graders Study the First Amendment

Out-of-This-World Writing in Pre-Kindergarten

Pre-kindergarteners Use Google Earth to Expand Their Worlds

In Love with Pre-kindergarten for 2-year-olds

Doherty Hears from Annual Chemical Dependency Speaker

Unit III Spelling Bee

Animal Classifications

Lessons on Peace

Becoming Authors Around the World

Outdoor Learning in Pre-kindergarten

Fifth-graders Analyze Population, Legislature Demographics in U.S.

Fourth-graders Study the Effects of Climate Change

Third-graders Design Play Structure in Project Math

Pollination Study Culminates with Project

First-graders Begin Global Read Aloud Unit

Second-graders Study Bridges

Second-graders Learn the Dreidel Game

Pre-kindergarteners Enjoy Presentation about Feast of the Seven Fishes

Fourth- and Fifth-grade Hold Annual Spelling Bee

The Science of Sleep

Unit III Uses App to Bring Explorers to Life

Kindergarteners Read Books en Español

Holiday and Learning Fun in Unit I

The Science of Sleep – Creating Conversations

Doherty Campus Holds Food Drive

The Turkey Tango Continues!

Third-graders Write Gratitude Journals

Kindergarteners Count by 5s and 10s

Pre-kindergarteners Share Gratitude with Painting Project

Unit I Poetry Presentation

Pre-kindergarteners Embark on Leaf Hunt

Science Students Plant Pollinator Garden

Second-graders Vote for Buckeye Book Award Nominees

Early Childhood Center Celebrates Election Day

Calculating Curiosities

Public Speaking in Unit III

Doherty Campus Becomes an Open Book

Learning Spanish in Pre-kindergarten for 2-year-olds

Number Crunchers

Halloween on Parade!

Pumpkin Math in Pre-kindergarten

Second-graders Learn the Importance of Kindness

First-graders Practice Number Sense

Pete the Cat Visits Pre-K2

Unit I Learns-a-lot

Fall Fun in Kindergarten

Seasonal Book Comes to Life for Pre-kindergarteners

The Seven Hills School Tops Rankings in Cincinnati

A Good Read

Students Honor Sept. 11 Heroes

Pre-kindergarteners Enjoy Discovery Play Outdoors

Self-Portraits in Pre-kindergarten

Third-graders Compare and Contrast Fairy Tale “Cinderella”

First-graders Meet Fifth-grade Buddies

Fourth-grader Shares at Assembly

Kindergarteners Engage in Exciting Story Listening Lesson

Fifth-graders Design Mosaics in Project Math

Lotspeich Library to Safely Circulate Books

Exploding Dots in Project Math

Story Listening with Spanish

Levels of Meaning in Language Arts

A Practical Approach to Science

Pre-kindergarten-for-2-year-olds Learn about the Great Outdoors

Creating Out of the Box

Major Awards at Lotspeich

Fourth-graders Create Living Biographies

Kindergarteners Participate in Story Listening Lesson

Second-graders Write Acrostic Poem

Second-graders Build Cardboard Arcade Games

Students Visit Virtual Kalnow Gym

Doherty Holds Closing Program via Zoom

Doherty Awards

STEM Challenge

Patterning in Pre-kindergarten

Building Language and Literacy

Second-graders Share Autobiographies

Third-graders Study the Solar System

Pre-kindergarteners “Visit” Turtle Hospital

First-graders Take Virtual Field Trip to Connecticut Farm

Becoming Authors in Unit II

Doherty Celebrates with Online Magic Show

Fine Arts and Music Teachers Deliver Joint Lesson for Doherty First-Graders

Fifth-graders Complete Statistical Analysis Project

Third-graders Share Cincinnati History Project

Librarian Teaches Students Importance of Online Safety

Fourth-graders Come Together Virtually During Morning Meetings

First-graders Watch Ducklings Hatch Via Zoom

Pre-kindergartners Enjoy Virtual Band Practice

Pre-kindergarteners Run in Virtual Mini Pig

Decoding the Letter “R” in First Grade

Reading and Gardening Go Hand-in-Hand

Fifth-graders Bake at Home

Spanish Students Hear Story of “Tulita la Patita”

Second- and Third-graders Participate in Remote Learning Book Club

Pre-kindergarteners Share Bird Reports

Physical Education Continues at Lotspeich

A Metropolitan Approach to Vowel Blends

Problem-Solving and Science in Pre-K

Learning about Cause and Effect

A Vibrant (Virtual) Visit of the Cincinnati Reds

A Very Special Story Time

Doherty Pancake Breakfast and Art Auction

Doherty and Lotspeich Fifth-graders Attend Kindness Retreat

Upper School Chinese Students Teach Lower School Students About Lunar New Year

Upper School Chinese Students Teach Lower School Students About Lunar New Year

Doherty and Lotspeich Fifth-graders Attend Kindness Retreat

Second-graders Take Field Trip to Happen Inc. and Toy Lab

Junior U.S. History Students Interview Lotspeich Third-graders

Fifth-graders Meet for Book Club

Lower School STEM Event

First-graders Design New Ways to Snack Healthily

Kindergarteners Share Penguin Presentations

Lotspeich Students Enjoy Bonnie Binkley Assembly

Fourth- and Fifth-graders Take Part in Geography Bee

Lower School STEM Event

An Alaskan Study

Friend-uary in Unit I

Students Celebrate Work of Martin Luther King Jr.

Coding in Pre-kindergarten

Unit I Studies Stars at Drake Planetarium

Practicing Presentational Skills in Unit II

Stories From Out of This World

Discovery of Sound in Pre-kindergarten

First-graders Enjoy a Presentation from Fab Ferments

Fifth-graders “Smash Doodle” in Spanish

Pre-kindergarteners Plant Lettuce Seeds

Kindergarteners Visit the Newport Aquarium

First-graders Study Phonics

Fifth-graders Explore Life in the Middle School

Fourth- and Fifth-graders Participate in Lotspeich Spelling Bee

Second-graders Host a Morning with the Bridges

Kindergarteners Hold Celebration of Lights

Fifth-graders Complete Breakout Box Activity

Parading Ozobots

Gingerbread Holiday Village

ECC Hosts Thanksgiving Grateful Gathering

Everybody Counts!

Fourth-graders Learn About Friendship

Community Service Club Preps Gardens

Fourth-graders Design Pollinators in Makerspace

Fifth-grade Team Places First in Category in Perennial Math Tournament

Thankful for Grandperson’s Day

Thankful for the Turkey Tango!

Fourth-graders Write Scary Stories

Third-graders Take Field Trip to Sunwatch Village

Second-graders Lay “Dead” Words to Rest

Halloween’s Alive at Doherty

Doherty Hosts Halloween Spook-tacular

Unit II Does Sweet Study of States of Matter

Unit III Creates Crosswords in Spanish

Unit II Visits Big Bone Lick State Park

Safety Week

Fifth-graders Create Dye Bath

Lotspeich Halloween Parade a Spooky Good Time

Fifth-graders Meet for Lunchtime Book Club

Pre-kindergarteners Study Weather

First-graders Meet Fifth-grade Buddies

Third-graders Create Keys for Success

Pre-kindergarten for 2-year-olds Visits Parky’s Farm

Unit III Visits Glen Helen

First-grade Spanish Class, Doherty Library Partner for Global Read Aloud

Beginnings Students Ride the Bus

Doherty Book Fair

Learning to Hypothesize

Story Listening in Spanish Engages Students in Exciting Lesson

Fourth- and Fifth-graders Create Persuasive Arguments for Class Pet

Kindergarteners Make Hippopotamus Sandwiches

Second-graders Study Bridges

Tunnel Walk

One Book, One School

Pre-kindergarten hiking adventure class

New Chef at Doherty

The Seven Hills School Tops Rankings in Ohio and Cincinnati

We Love Mom

Freshman Receives Regional Award for Short Film

Thanksgiving at Lotspeich

“Alice in Neverland” Comes to Seven Hills Thanks to Bonnie Binkley Grant

The Early Childhood Center Votes!

Second-grade Parent Teaches Students About Diwali

Fourth-graders Learn About Space from Seventh-graders

Press Releases

With so many exciting lessons, events, and more happening in the halls of Seven Hills, we often share our news with the Cincinnati community. Press releases feature stories sent to news outlets in the area, as well as pieces about Seven Hills in the news.

Head of School Chris Garten Announces Retirement

Semester in Review

The Semester in Review, released at the closing of fall semester, compiles highlights from The Buzz. The publication takes a look back at special projects, programs, and accomplishments of our students and faculty during the first half of the year.