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Seven Hills Magazine is published on a biannual basis in the spring and fall. The publication is mailed to our alumni, current parents, and friends of the school. Each magazine offers an in-depth look at signature programs in the Seven Hills community. In its pages readers find profiles of innovative programs, engaged learning, and high-achieving alumni.


Lotspeich Library to Safely Circulate Books

Exploding Dots in Project Math

Story Listening with Spanish

Levels of Meaning in Language Arts

A Practical Approach to Science

Pre-kindergarten-for-2-year-olds Learn about the Great Outdoors

Creating Out of the Box

Major Awards at Lotspeich

Fourth-graders Create Living Biographies

Kindergarteners Participate in Story Listening Lesson

Second-graders Write Acrostic Poem

Second-graders Build Cardboard Arcade Games

Students Visit Virtual Kalnow Gym

Doherty Holds Closing Program via Zoom

Doherty Awards

STEM Challenge

Patterning in Pre-kindergarten

Building Language and Literacy

Second-graders Share Autobiographies

Third-graders Study the Solar System

Pre-kindergarteners “Visit” Turtle Hospital

First-graders Take Virtual Field Trip to Connecticut Farm

Becoming Authors in Unit II

Doherty Celebrates with Online Magic Show

Fine Arts and Music Teachers Deliver Joint Lesson for Doherty First-Graders

Fifth-graders Complete Statistical Analysis Project

Third-graders Share Cincinnati History Project

Librarian Teaches Students Importance of Online Safety

Fourth-graders Come Together Virtually During Morning Meetings

First-graders Watch Ducklings Hatch Via Zoom

Pre-kindergartners Enjoy Virtual Band Practice

Pre-kindergarteners Run in Virtual Mini Pig

Decoding the Letter “R” in First Grade

Reading and Gardening Go Hand-in-Hand

Fifth-graders Bake at Home

Spanish Students Hear Story of “Tulita la Patita”

Second- and Third-graders Participate in Remote Learning Book Club

Pre-kindergarteners Share Bird Reports

Physical Education Continues at Lotspeich

A Metropolitan Approach to Vowel Blends

Problem-Solving and Science in Pre-K

Learning about Cause and Effect

A Vibrant (Virtual) Visit of the Cincinnati Reds

A Very Special Story Time

Doherty Pancake Breakfast and Art Auction

Doherty and Lotspeich Fifth-graders Attend Kindness Retreat

Upper School Chinese Students Teach Lower School Students About Lunar New Year

Upper School Chinese Students Teach Lower School Students About Lunar New Year

Doherty and Lotspeich Fifth-graders Attend Kindness Retreat

Second-graders Take Field Trip to Happen Inc. and Toy Lab

Junior U.S. History Students Interview Lotspeich Third-graders

Fifth-graders Meet for Book Club

Lower School STEM Event

First-graders Design New Ways to Snack Healthily

Kindergarteners Share Penguin Presentations

Lotspeich Students Enjoy Bonnie Binkley Assembly

Fourth- and Fifth-graders Take Part in Geography Bee

Lower School STEM Event

An Alaskan Study

Friend-uary in Unit I

Students Celebrate Work of Martin Luther King Jr.

Coding in Pre-kindergarten

Unit I Studies Stars at Drake Planetarium

Practicing Presentational Skills in Unit II

Stories From Out of This World

Discovery of Sound in Pre-kindergarten

First-graders Enjoy a Presentation from Fab Ferments

Fifth-graders “Smash Doodle” in Spanish

Pre-kindergarteners Plant Lettuce Seeds

Kindergarteners Visit the Newport Aquarium

First-graders Study Phonics

Fifth-graders Explore Life in the Middle School

Fourth- and Fifth-graders Participate in Lotspeich Spelling Bee

Second-graders Host a Morning with the Bridges

Kindergarteners Hold Celebration of Lights

Fifth-graders Complete Breakout Box Activity

Parading Ozobots

Gingerbread Holiday Village

ECC Hosts Thanksgiving Grateful Gathering

Everybody Counts!

Fourth-graders Learn About Friendship

Community Service Club Preps Gardens

Fourth-graders Design Pollinators in Makerspace

Fifth-grade Team Places First in Category in Perennial Math Tournament

Thankful for Grandperson’s Day

Thankful for the Turkey Tango!

Fourth-graders Write Scary Stories

Third-graders Take Field Trip to Sunwatch Village

Second-graders Lay “Dead” Words to Rest

Halloween’s Alive at Doherty

Doherty Hosts Halloween Spook-tacular

Unit II Does Sweet Study of States of Matter

Unit III Creates Crosswords in Spanish

Unit II Visits Big Bone Lick State Park

Safety Week

Fifth-graders Create Dye Bath

Lotspeich Halloween Parade a Spooky Good Time

Fifth-graders Meet for Lunchtime Book Club

Pre-kindergarteners Study Weather

First-graders Meet Fifth-grade Buddies

Third-graders Create Keys for Success

Pre-kindergarten for 2-year-olds Visits Parky’s Farm

Unit III Visits Glen Helen

First-grade Spanish Class, Doherty Library Partner for Global Read Aloud

Beginnings Students Ride the Bus

Doherty Book Fair

Learning to Hypothesize

Story Listening in Spanish Engages Students in Exciting Lesson

Fourth- and Fifth-graders Create Persuasive Arguments for Class Pet

Kindergarteners Make Hippopotamus Sandwiches

Second-graders Study Bridges

Tunnel Walk

One Book, One School

Pre-kindergarten hiking adventure class

New Chef at Doherty

The Seven Hills School Tops Rankings in Ohio and Cincinnati

Lotspeich Closing Exercises

Seniors Reunite at Lotspeich

Kindergarten and Pre-kindergarten Celebrate the Last Day

Tennis-Baseball Fun for Players, Fans

Students Enjoy Play Day

Fourth-graders Connect the Blocks

Doherty Closing Program

Doherty Awards

Mrs. Guethlein Rocks!

Graduating Seniors Return to Doherty

SNAAP Banquet Celebrates Students

SNAAP Banquet Celebrates Students

Kindergarteners, First-graders Hold Plant Sale

Fifth-graders Take Field Trip to Dearborn, Michigan

May Fete

Fourth-graders Create Living Biographies

Nature Exploring in Kindergarten

Doherty Green Team Honors Former Head Patti Guethlein

Olympic Day at Doherty

Doherty Carnival Fun for All

Doherty Campus Picnic

Second-grade Arcade Day

Third-graders Take Field Trip to COSI

Kindergarteners Work with Eighth-graders to Conduct Experiment

Fourth-graders Take Trip to Camp Kern

Second-graders Hold Bake Sale

Mini Pig

Circle of Fun

A Funny Thing Happened on our Way to the Zoo

Doughnuts with Dad

Integrated Inventions

Unit I Learns about Birds of Prey

Anatomy of a Bumblebee in Pre-K

Doherty Green Team on the Move

Doherty Launches “The Great Kindness Challenge”

Grandpersons’ Day Celebrated at Lotspeich

Third-graders Share Living History

First-graders Prepare Garden Beds

Fourth-graders Learn the History of Newspapers

Fifth-graders Become STEM Superheroes

Kindness Retreat

Dia de Guatemala

Fifth-grade Lesson Explores Types of Chemistry

Fourth-graders Volunteer at Mt. Healthy North Elementary

Cultural Connections Week

Unit III Uses Robotics to Make Mini Golf Course

Kindness Retreat

Hopping Along in Pre-K

Freshman Receives Regional Award for Short Film

Seniors Take Chinese New Year Celebration to Doherty

Cardboard Box Challenge

Doherty Families Enjoy BBQ and Bingo

Unit III Studies Force and Motion

Second-graders Learn About Lunar New Year

First-graders Celebrate 100th Day of School with STEM Challenges

Third-graders Present Plank Houses

Kindergarteners Share Penguin Presentations

Fourth-grader Advances to Regional Spelling Bee

2-year-old Pre-kindergarteners Hold a Teddy Bear Picnic

Community Service Club Volunteers at Matthew 25: Ministries

Third-graders Create Adverb Sandwiches

First-graders Learn About Germs

Fourth-grader Wins Geography Bee

Unit III Peace Poetry Project

Clean Water Study

Unit I Celebrates Chinese New Year

Studying the Solar System

Fourth-graders Partner for Poetry

Kindergarteners Study “The Mitten”

Be the Bee Takes Doherty by Swarm

Postseason Fantasy Football in Unit III

Mental Math in Unit I

Snow Much Fun!

First-graders Collect Postcards from Around the World

Pre-kindergarteners Study Winter, Snow, and Ice

Kindergarteners Check Out First Book of the School Year

Project Math Introduces Students to Games, Prepares for Arcade Day

Fifth-graders Study the Periodic Table

Gingerbread Wonderland

Doherty Participates in Hour of Code

Spelling Bee

Green Team Learns about Local Hydroponics Company

Special Persons Day in Pre-kindergarten!

Hour of Code

Everybody Counts

Kindergarten Holds Celebration of Lights

Second-graders Share a Morning with Bridges

Literacy Strategist Works with Doherty Students

Kindergarteners Create Pumpkin Stories

Unit III Explores the World with Robots

Wiggling World of Worms

Seven Hills Parents Teach Kindergarteners About Hanukkah

Parent Speaks to Second-graders About Bridges

Lower School Students Explore Middle School

Author Drew Daywalt Reads to Doherty Students

Sole Bros. Visit Doherty Campus

Pre-kindergarteners Paint Leaves

Fall Cleanup

Thanksgiving at Lotspeich

“Alice in Neverland” Comes to Seven Hills Thanks to Bonnie Binkley Grant

The Early Childhood Center Votes!

Second-grade Parent Teaches Students About Diwali

Fourth-graders Learn About Space from Seventh-graders

Grandperson’s Day on the Doherty Campus

Halloween on Parade at Lotspeich!

Community Service Club Volunteers at Giving Fields, Holds Recycling Drive

Pre-kindergarteners Collect Leaves

Third-graders Paint Pumpkins in Style of Pacific Northwest Native Americans

Pre-kindergarteners Plant Tower Gardens

Halloween on Parade on the Doherty Campus!

Unit I Maps Ohio

Unit II Studies Plains Native Americans

Strumming Along in Pre-K

Safety Week

Fifth-graders Travel to Glen Helen

Bat Unit Flies Into Kindergarten

Fifth-graders Breakout!

City Sustainability Employee Speaks to Fifth Grade

Nursery Rhyme Characters Parade through Lotspeich

Visualizing What Their Minds See

Doherty Comes Together for Pep Rally

Seven Hills Celebrates Start of School with Assembly

Art, Music, and Spanish Building Dedicated to Former Teacher

Seven Hills Celebrates Start of School with Assembly

Doherty Campus Welcomes New Head of School Tracy Murch

Graduating Seniors Return to Doherty

Students Participate in Yearlong Poetry Postcard Program

Pre-K2 Celebrates Water Day!

Lotspeich Closing Exercises

Major Awards at Lotspeich

Graduating Seniors Return to Lotspeich

Pre-kindergarteners and Kindergarteners Celebrate Last Day of School

Good Apples Club

Students Build a Block

Fourth-graders Create Living Biographies

Gods and Goddesses in Kindergarten

Tennis-Baseball Pits Fifth Grade Against Faculty

Doherty Closing Exercises

Second Grade Opens Arcade to Lotspeich

Fun and Families at May Fete 

Grandpersons’ Day

Kindergarteners and First-graders Hold Plant Sale

Author Sandra Markle Visits Lotspeich

Community Service Club Volunteers 850 Hours

Doherty Carnival

Author Sandra Markle Visits Doherty

Girls on the Run Complete 5K

Butterfly Studies in Pre-Kindergarten for 2-year-olds

It’s All about Probability

Pre-kindergarteners Grow (and Eat) Salads

Fourth-graders Study Simple Machines at Green Acres

May Fete is May 11!

Bonnie Binkley Grant Brings Cat in the Hat to Lotspeich

Doherty Pancake Breakfast and Art Auction Benefits Cooperative for Education

Kindness Retreat

Unit II Transforms Classroom into the Pacific Northwest

Pre-kindergarten for 2-year-olds Class Celebrates Black History Month

Unit I Shares Winter Poetry Presentation

Fourth Grade Studies Chemical Reaction

Third-graders Present Plank Houses

Kindergarten Share Penguin Presentations

Sole Brothers Speak to Community Service Club

Sharing the Courage of King

Semester in Review

The Semester in Review, released at the closing of fall semester, compiles highlights from The Buzz. The publication takes a look back at special projects, programs, and accomplishments of our students and faculty during the first half of the year.