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Calm Down Corner Helping preK, K Students Express Feelings

Doherty Encore pre-kindergarten and kindergarten students are learning to understand and express their feelings with the calm down corner and kit. “Often the younger students cannot get the words out for how they feel but this kit and set up allows them to communicate and be aware of their feelings,” said After the Bell lead teacher Tori Jansing, who learned about the program and modified it to best fit her classroom. The corner is a welcoming and peaceful space where students can go when they feel any type of emotion or want alone time. The kit has tools for students to identify their emotions, walk through a breathing exercise, and decide what would make them feel better. “The calm down corner gives students a small private area to relax, breathe, and be alone. I have already seen such an improvement in interactions with peers, knowledge of feelings, and just communication in general,” Jansing said.