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Unit I Learns-a-lot

First-graders in Amy Kulhavik and Joan Claybourn’s classes recently wrapped up a unit that sent them to Camp Learns-a-Lot, a fun experience that took place right in their classrooms. Using their plexiglass dividers that were removed from their desks, the students created personalized, comfy learning spaces on the floor with sleeping bags, blankets, battery-operated votive lanterns, pillows, and more. The unit of study included lessons on campfire safety and how to navigate the behaviors of bears, skunks, deer, and owls, said Kulhavik. The students also engaged in activities to better understand ABC order, homophones, compound words, writing activities, reading, STEM projects and more. “The students read under the stars, which were twinkle lights Kulhavik strung along the windows.  They also dissected an owl pellet, and even ate s’mores. “This wrapped up two weeks of learning about the great outdoors!”