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Early Childhood


Seven Hills Magazine is published on a biannual basis in the spring and fall. The publication is mailed to our alumni, current parents, and friends of the school. Each magazine offers an in-depth look at signature programs in the Seven Hills community. In its pages readers find profiles of innovative programs, engaged learning, and high-achieving alumni.


Pre-kindergarten Moving Up Ceremony

Learning the Foundation of Coding in Pre-K

Cultural Connections—A Virtual RV Trip around the U.S.

Lower Schools Virtually Welcome Author Don Tate

Kindergarteners Search for Signs of Spring

Doherty “Travels” the 50 States for Cultural Connections

Learning about Spring Things

Going on an Insect Hunt!

They are What They Read

Pre-kindergarteners Celebrate Black History Month with Songs

Pre-kindergarteners Enjoy Reading Time with Lotspeich Librarian

Kindergarten Nature Explorers

Observing Seasonal Change in Pre-kindergarten

Pre-kindergarten for 2-year-olds Students Create Work Inspired by Alma Woodsey Thomas

Pre-kindergarteners Study Animals’ Winter Habits

Out-of-This-World Writing in Pre-Kindergarten

Pre-kindergarteners Use Google Earth to Expand Their Worlds

Lessons on Peace

Outdoor Learning in Pre-kindergarten

The Science of Sleep

Kindergarteners Count by 5s and 10s

Pre-kindergarteners Share Gratitude with Painting Project

ECC Enjoys Virtual Visit with Schoolhouse Symphony

Student Musicians Shine through Obstacles Presented by Pandemic

Pre-kindergarteners Embark on Leaf Hunt

Early Childhood Center Celebrates Election Day

Learning Spanish in Pre-kindergarten for 2-year-olds

Pumpkin Math in Pre-kindergarten

Pete the Cat Visits Pre-K2

Fall Fun in Kindergarten

Seasonal Book Comes to Life for Pre-kindergarteners

The Seven Hills School Tops Rankings in Cincinnati

Pre-kindergarteners Enjoy Discovery Play Outdoors

Self-Portraits in Pre-kindergarten

Kindergarteners Engage in Exciting Story Listening Lesson

Multiculturalism through Music

Pre-kindergarten-for-2-year-olds Learn about the Great Outdoors

Kindergarteners Participate in Story Listening Lesson

Patterning in Pre-kindergarten

Building Language and Literacy

Pre-kindergarteners “Visit” Turtle Hospital

Moving and Shaking in Pre-kindergarten

Pre-kindergartners Enjoy Virtual Band Practice

Upper School Chinese Students Teach Lower School Students About Lunar New Year

Kindergarteners Share Penguin Presentations

Coding in Pre-kindergarten

Discovery of Sound in Pre-kindergarten

Pre-kindergarteners Plant Lettuce Seeds

Kindergarteners Visit the Newport Aquarium

ECC Hosts Thanksgiving Grateful Gathering

Thankful for the Turkey Tango!

Pre-kindergarteners Study Weather

Pre-kindergarten for 2-year-olds Visits Parky’s Farm

Beginnings Students Ride the Bus

Pre-kindergarten hiking adventure class

The Seven Hills School Tops Rankings in Ohio and Cincinnati

Kindergarten and Pre-kindergarten Celebrate the Last Day

Kindergarteners, First-graders Hold Plant Sale

Nature Exploring in Kindergarten

Doherty Green Team Honors Former Head Patti Guethlein

Kindergarteners Work with Eighth-graders to Conduct Experiment

Anatomy of a Bumblebee in Pre-K

Hopping Along in Pre-K

Kindergarteners Share Penguin Presentations

2-year-old Pre-kindergarteners Hold a Teddy Bear Picnic

Studying the Solar System

Kindergarteners Study “The Mitten”

Be the Bee Takes Doherty by Swarm

Snow Much Fun!

Pre-kindergarteners Study Winter, Snow, and Ice

Kindergarteners Check Out First Book of the School Year

Special Persons Day in Pre-kindergarten!

Kindergarten Holds Celebration of Lights

Kindergarteners Create Pumpkin Stories

Wiggling World of Worms

Seven Hills Parents Teach Kindergarteners About Hanukkah

Sole Bros. Visit Doherty Campus

Pre-kindergarteners Paint Leaves

The Early Childhood Center Votes!

Kindergarteners Have Spooky Fun in Theater Class

Pre-kindergarteners Collect Leaves

Pre-kindergarteners Plant Tower Gardens

Strumming Along in Pre-K

Bat Unit Flies Into Kindergarten

Nursery Rhyme Characters Parade through Lotspeich

Pre-K2 Celebrates Water Day!

Pre-kindergarteners and Kindergarteners Celebrate Last Day of School

Gods and Goddesses in Kindergarten

Kindergarteners and First-graders Hold Plant Sale

Doherty Carnival

Butterfly Studies in Pre-Kindergarten for 2-year-olds

Pre-kindergarteners Grow (and Eat) Salads

Bonnie Binkley Grant Brings Cat in the Hat to Lotspeich

Pre-kindergarten for 2-year-olds Class Celebrates Black History Month

Kindergarten Share Penguin Presentations

Semester in Review

The Semester in Review, released at the closing of fall semester, compiles highlights from The Buzz. The publication takes a look back at special projects, programs, and accomplishments of our students and faculty during the first half of the year.