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Pre-kindergarteners Enjoy Discovery Play Outdoors

Pre-kindergarten-for-2-year-olds are participating in a number of discovery activities as part of an outdoor curriculum designed by teacher Julie Brackett. Brackett has engaged her young students in outdoor kitchen play, playground construction using sand, and vertical drawing using zig-zag motions on an outdoor chalkboard. “We take nature walks every day to check on our world around us. We know exactly where the pine tree is and when looking up, we know there are still pine cones at the top of that tree,” said Brackett. “We know exactly where the squirrels like to hide the acorns as we find acorn piles in the ECO garden. We are big collectors of nature.” Brackett said every move the children make is a learning move for young explorers. “Discovery play is a big component for learning in the 2-year-old environment. We learn by moving in our world, and moving in nature provides a very magical rhythm to our movement,” said Brackett.