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New Head of Lotspeich Lower School Susan Miller reads to Students

The new Head of Lotspeich Lower School Susan Miller visited Aimee Burton’s first grade class a few days after school started. “I’ve made it a point to be in every classroom to let both the teachers and students know that I value the work they are doing,” she said. Miller joined Seven Hills from Tower Hill School in Wilmington, DE, where she was also Head of Lower School. Miller is replacing Carolyn Fox, who retired after 19 years as the Head of Lotspeich and 40 years with Seven Hills. “I’ve loved meeting our students, beginning to learn their names as they are dropped off in the morning, in the hallways, by playing the ‘Name Game’ in classrooms,” Miller said of her first week. In Burton’s class, Miller went around learning every student’s name until she could recite them from memory. She read “The Crayon Box that Talked” by Shane DeRolf. She related the book’s themes of inclusion and self-worth to the students. “Lotspeich would not be complete without you. We need every one of you,” she told the class.