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Live from Doherty!

Broadcasting live from the Doherty library every Friday, fifth-graders have been delivering weekly news to all Doherty students. In lieu of the weekly assembly, which the school has transitioned to virtual for safety reasons, the fifth-grade class is presenting the information as a news broadcast over Zoom. The students sign up to be part of the news crew, attend a brainstorming session, and work on and practice the script with Doherty counselor Angie Bielecki, art teacher Kacey Watkins, and librarian Jo Schnirring. The broadcasts include school news, weather, sports, the lunch menu, a weekly joke, and special reports, like an exclusive interview with new world language teacher Kristen Diersing and an explanatory report on the upcoming Diwali festival. The student broadcasters also read appreciation shout outs. All students can write down people they appreciate and submit them at appreciation stations in Haile and Jones Halls.