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Unit III Spelling Bee

Unit III students participated in the Scripps-Howard Spelling Bee in mid-January. Unit III teacher Bill Schmidt said fourth- and fifth-graders have been working hard on preparations and reaching out to support each other. “Mrs. Pease and I have overheard students quizzing each other during their moments of downtime at school and during their after-school FaceTime study sessions,” said Schmidt. The first round of the spelling bee took place on Jan. 13, followed by a final round with the top five spellers in each room on Jan. 15. Congratulations to Spelling Bee winner, fifth-grader William Liu, and to runner-up, fifth-grader Eli Kampel. For the final round, the words were called by Margaret Walsh, Doherty’s reading specialist, who floated back and forth between the doorways of both home rooms to call the words in person, and to the Zoom camera for students learning remotely. The winning word was ‘warden.”