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A Worthy Jaunt

As part of their pretend journey of learning across the United States, Doherty kindergarteners learned about the screech owls of Puerto Rico, took in the beauty of lighthouses in the northeast portion of the country, viewed artwork depicting the work of North Carolina artist Romare Bearden, walked through the Everglades of the southeast, and viewed artwork depicting Tex-Mex, a blended cuisine born of the cultures of Texas and Mexico. At all stops, the students discussed history, culture, and customs with their teachers Cyndi Kenyon and Lindsday Pietroski. Their tour focused on the many regions and stories of the U. S. as part of Doherty’s annual multi-weeklong Cultural Connections project, in which all students help to create the different areas of study. Pietroski said kindergarteners studied the Florida Everglades. “When creating the Everglades, the students researched which animals and plant life exist in this biodiverse region of our country,” said Pietroski. “They read books and went on virtual field trips and found many fascinating flora and fauna in this region. The children had so much fun using paper and other materials to create sawgrass, mangrove trees, strangler fig, and panthers. The hall came to life as the students worked together to create a 10-foot alligator and life size manatee!”