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Board of Trustees

Our Board of Trustees is made up of community leaders with a wide range of talents, including experience in education, human resources, finance, law, construction, insurance, and investment. They guide the school, supporting, elevating, and charting our future to ensure that Seven Hills has the resources to provide the richest possible experiences for our students.

Meet our 2017-18 Trustees

Jen Stein

Andrew Quinn

Lair Kennedy

Ron DeLyons

Dobbs Ackermann

Robert H. Anning II (’86)

Stephen J. Baggott

Karen B. Callard (’80)

Scott Carroll (’85)

Lalitha Chunduri

Michael Coombe (L ’72)

Dorothy Corbett (’84)

Jennifer Dauer

Marc Fisher

Thomas Charles Garber

Abram Gordon

Jim Jurgensen

Jan-Michele Lemon Kearney

Sashi Kilaru, M.D.

Margaret Avril Lawson (’75)

Jutta Lafley

Karen E. Meyer

Meghan Nelson

Michael Nordlund, M.D., Ph.D.

Elizabeth York Schiff

Dan Schimberg (’80)

John Schneider

Benjamin C. Glassman
Alumni Representative

Wendy Ellis Gardner
Parent Association Representative

Christopher P. Garten
Head of School