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Arts Facilities

Across our two campuses, Seven Hills has several stimulating arts facilities to inspire the imaginations of our visual artists, singers, musicians, and performers of all ages. We know ingenuity flourishes in inspiring spaces. That’s why our Lower School, Middle School, and Upper School students have the room they need to explore their individual visions.


Our Lower School Arts Facilities

Lower School students on our Hillsdale and Doherty campuses have their own dedicated art and music areas, designated classrooms, and performance stages that enable children to explore many facets of art and get in touch with their unique points of view, so they may begin to express themselves confidently and imaginatively.

On the Hillsdale Campus, the Red Barn has been an iconic presence for generations. Students in pre-kindergarten through fifth grade attend drama classes in the building, learning the basics and developing acting, improvisation, directing, and puppetry skills. In fifth-grade, students stage a musical in Founders Hall, which features professional lights and a theater tech booth.

Lower School students attend music and art classes. In music, the classroom is filled with instruments of all kinds. The art room has supplies that aid students in exploring all mediums. The Hillsdale Campus also has four kilns, which are used for Lower School projects.

Our littlest students have their own stage in the Early Childhood Center. Students use the stage for performances for parents and friends. 

At the Doherty Campus, rich spaces bring out the artists in all of our students.

Doherty has two music classrooms — one dedicated to traditional musical instruction and another specifically for Orff instruments, or melodic keyboards. Third- and fourth-graders learn to play the instruments, honing their skills in reading rhythms and music notation and playing in a small ensemble.

In pre-kindergarten through fifth-grade, students transform into actors and actresses, learning the craft. The fifth-grade musical is performed in Faran Hall on a state-of-the-art stage. Doherty Lower School students’ drama education culminates at the end of fifth-grade, when they perform a musical.

The Lower School visual art classroom is a large, stimulating space. Clay, paints, mosaic tiles — these are just some of the tools children will use to create their next masterpieces. The classroom is also equipped with a kiln for sculpture projects.

our middle school arts facilities

Arts instruction in the Middle School takes place in arts spaces in two buildings — the Middle School and the Donovan Arts Center.

In the Middle School, students study visual art and drama in vibrant classrooms. The visual art room introduces students to a variety of concepts and periods in art history. Students have the tools to work in many mediums, including clay, fired in one of the Hillsdale Campus’ four kilns, glass fusing, and painting.

The Middle School drama room is a dedicated acting studio where students transform into thespians. The students’ plays and musicals are staged in Founders Hall. Students interested in theater tech work the shows, adjusting lighting and mics, from the space’s theater tech booth.

Choral and instrumental students study in the Donovan Arts Center. The classrooms, located on the building’s lower level, are filled with the sounds of students practicing music.

our upper school arts facilities

Visual art and music studios, as well as the Black Box Theater in the Donovan Arts Center, give older students access to professional-quality spaces.

The Donovan Arts Center is the central hub for arts in the Upper School. On the upper level, students practice and perform in the Black Box Theater. This theater regularly comes alive with musicals, plays, and student-directed pieces. Students in theater tech construct elaborate sets and run the lights, while actors stage a range of works. The Black Box has also played host to local performers from the Cincinnati Shakespeare Company, which ties into the plays students read and study in English class.

In the Donovan Art Center’s lower level, classrooms house the choral, instrumental, and visual art programs. The building also functions as one of Seven Hills’ gallery spaces. As they walk the halls, students will see the work of their peers around every corner. 

In Founders Hall, choral and instrumental students perform in winter and spring concerts, showcasing their talents and hours of practice. Founders Hall features professional lighting, a theater tech booth, and acoustical absorption panels.

On the Horizon:

The Center for Arts and Leadership

Fundraising is underway for the construction of the Center for Arts and Leadership. The 45,000-square-foot space will be equipped with dedicated rehearsal spaces, three large classrooms for theater, choral, and instrumental ensembles and oratory opportunities, and a green room and dressing rooms. This stunning space, at the heart of our school, will be a hub of inspiration and creativity all year round, enriching the lives of every Seven Hills student by supporting our performing arts programing and connecting our students to a broader world of ideas.

The Center for Arts and Leadership will offer students unparalleled performance facilities that will give our performing arts, music, and oratory programs the space and technical capabilities they need to continue expanding and flourishing.