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Upper School Personal Challenge

Personal Challenge is a required experience that spurs students to explore a talent, interest, or passion in-depth.

Showing us what they’ve got

Students typically complete their projects in their junior or senior year, and share them with the Seven Hills community during one of two events held during the school year.

There are no limits to what students explore. They may master a recipe or compose an original piece of music. Some students combine their myriad talents into one project, including one Upper Schooler who illustrated and wrote a children’s book, completely in French. Another student built a mechanical spider powered by steam. Personal Challenge projects sometimes leave a mark on the community. One student designed and drew a mural for a local restaurant that denotes its location.

During Personal Challenge sharing, the halls of the Upper School are lined with projects and students explaining why and how they explored their subject. The excitement is palpable, as students marvel at the work of their peers and react with awe as presenters explain the process of discovery.

Personal Challenge embodies the spirit of Seven Hills and its dedication to experiential learning. Students move outside their comfort zones to reach new achievements, discover the thrill of mastery, and satisfy their natural curiosities.