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Upper School Library

The Young Family Library is a state-of-the-art research facility that offers students the space and resources they need to be successful in all their projects and presentations.

On The Inside

The Young Family Library is the hub of the school for Upper School students. Mornings are abuzz with activity as students catch up with friends before class. Throughout the day and in the afternoon, the library is heavily used during Free Bell periods to work on projects or catch up on other homework. In addition to helpful and passionate librarians, students have access to a rich variety of print books, popular magazines, three daily newspapers, eBooks, research databases, DVDs, laptops, iPads, and keyboards to check out and utilize.

 Our Upper School students can relax on a couch by the fire, work quietly in a study room, easily locate information for an assignment, catch up on reading, or meet with classmates and friends. With more than 100 reliable and unbiased databases at their fingertips, a library app that provides instantaneous access to our library website and catalogues, and access to desktops, laptops, and iPads, students can comfortably and successfully work on research papers, study for exams, or collaborate on group projects. Whatever they may need, our students can find it in our library. And for whatever they can’t find, our knowledgeable librarians are always there to help.