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The Middle School

“Middle School students need, more than anything, a sense of belonging, a school community that truly feels like family. Because sixth, seventh, and eighth graders are at different developmental stages, the new Seven Hills Middle School organizes classrooms and common areas into discrete grade-level communities.” – Head of School Chris Garten

Opened in April 2022

The Seven Hills Middle School opened in April 2022. Click here to schedule a tour with a member of our admission team.

Over the last decade, under the leadership of Bill Waskowtiz, Seven Hills’ Middle School has evolved into one of the best in the region. Bill and his amazing faculty and staff have designed a comprehensive program to meet the unique academic, social, and emotional needs of students this age. Guided by our educational philosophy that Middle Schoolers thrive best in environments designed just for them, our sixth, seventh, and eighth graders learn and grow in dedicated spaces we call “communities within a community” in the new and expanded Seven Hills Middle School.

Fast Facts

  • Dedicated, contiguous classrooms and common areas for each grade
  • Larger classrooms and innovation lab with flexible seating and more space for group work
  • Respectful bathroom facilities and updated accessible design
  • Grade level team and teacher work spaces
  • Centralized Office and Administration area
  • Dedicated counseling office
  • Meeting and conference rooms for individual and group work 


Lasting Impact

  • The communities within a community approach creates a comfortable, age-appropriate school culture, where there are closer relationships among students and teachers know their students better.
  • The larger classrooms act as learning laboratories, providing ample space for students to work collaboratively on projects and use a wider range of technology and tools.
  • The additional space allows for a wider variety of learning styles to best accommodate all students.



Building Progress

See the progress of the Middle School!

Time-Lapse Videos

Watch the progress of the Middle School!