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Upper School Learning Support

Our Upper School Learning Specialists are equipped with the skills needed to help students who have diagnosed learning differences or learning issues that affect their work in more than one class.

learning at their own pace 

Students are referred to learning specialists based on teacher feedback, student or parent request, and outside educational evaluations. Those participating in the program work one-on-one or in small groups as learning specialists reinforce course content and provide instruction in organization, study skills, and test prep. Learning specialists help students recognize their own academic strengths and challenges, and grow in their self-advocacy skills. Our faculty in the Learning Support Department also collaborates with teachers, academic advisors, and counselors to better student learning in the classroom.

In our Upper School, our teachers are conscious of students’ varied learning styles. Many English, history, math, science, and world language classes are scheduled by skill level. This allows students to be comfortable in the classroom and move with their peers at the same experience level. In our math curriculum, students choose from different entry points. If needed, entry-level Spanish can be taken over two years.