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Learning Support

At Seven Hills, we want all our students to reach their full academic potential and to excel.

At every level, Seven Hills teachers are trained to recognize and respond to, as fully as possible, each student’s unique style of learning.

Beginning in first grade, students are divided into learning groups or classes by skill level, so that they receive instruction that is appropriately calibrated to their current skill levels in each subject. And in each division, Seven Hills also sets aside significant blocks of time for one-on-one and small-group help from classroom teachers.

In addition, our signature Learning Support Program enables our faculty to serve a wide range of learners. Four licensed guidance counselors and our seven full-time learning specialists, play a critical role in helping students understand their own learning styles and develop effective learning strategies.

Learning specialists serve as progress managers for students who need additional support, writing yearly education plans, that provide both students and classroom teachers with strategies to guide students toward their full potential. In short, our faculty members work closely with each student’s family and other Seven Hills personnel to ensure that the student’s experience is as comfortable and rewarding as it can be.

Beyond the daily extra help available from teachers and learning specialists, we also allow private, family-hired tutors who have been vetted by the school to work on campus in a private space during the school day.

Students who feel emotionally supported do better in their studies, welcome challenges more easily, and recover more quickly from setbacks. So our school guidance counselors work closely, with both students and their families, to address academic or social challenges that may arise.

The Learning Support Program is an important aspect of our school culture, exemplifying our commitment to creating a warm and supportive environment that empowers each student to reach his or her full potential.


Division Specifics

Each student has a different learning style and academic needs. In the Lower School, we offer a Learning Support program that pairs small group support classes with trained learning specialists. Learning specialists collaborate with our school counselors and teachers to identify students who may benefit from learning support. Specialists carefully coordinate the skills, scaffolds, and strategies to best support student work and classroom learning. Smaller group sizes allow students to reflect on what they learned in class, while developing strategies to support future ready learning, in a setting where they receive one-on-one support. In our Learning Support Program, students are not only given the tools to succeed, they also discover a love of learning.

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During these years students with identified learning needs have the option to enroll in Learning Lab, a scheduled class taught by a learning specialist focused on identifying and understanding students’ particular learning styles, as well as helping them develop organizational and study skills. 

Math and eighth-grade science classes are organized by skill level so that students have the extra time and space they need to best learn these areas of study.

All Middle School teachers are available to provide daily help outside of class. School-vetted private tutors may work with students on campus, in private space that best promotes focused learning.

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The Upper School schedules most English, history, math, science, and world language classes by skill level so students can flex their experience based on each subject in a way that works best for them. Students choose from varied entry points to the math curriculum and an array of course options in every discipline.

All students have consistent access to extra help from their Seven Hill teachers.

Those with identified learning needs also work with experienced learning specialists during the school day.

School-vetted private tutors are available to work with students on-campus in a private space that encourages focused, individualized learning.

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