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Lower School Technology and Makerspaces

In our Lower Schools, you won’t just learn how to innovate—you’ll become better prepared for the future you create.


In our Lower Schools, teachers use technology and makerspaces to enhance lessons across the curriculum. Our Lower School students are given the technological tools they need to learn. Because we emphasize active learning in our makerspaces, students at every level get hands-on opportunities to dream and design, invent and investigate, 


We believe that education must keep pace with innovation, so Seven Hills employs the latest technology. In different grades, students learn on iPads. From first grade all the way through fifth, our Lower School students make use of a wide variety of technologies to enhance their learning experiences. From practicing simple keyboarding skills to mastering advanced Internet searches for research projects, they come to feel at home in the digital world.


The drive to innovate starts at a young age, and both our Lowers Schools provide makerspaces to fuel students’ curiosity. At our Doherty Campus, students design and build in a well-equipped Creation Studio, bringing their ideas to life with 3-D printers and assembling recycled materials, with the support and guidance of their teachers. Our Lotspeich students participate in Project Math, an innovative enrichment program designed to engage students in applying quantitative and geometric skills to address real-world challenges.