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Success in College and Beyond

Seven Hills graduates go on to some of the nation’s top universities, armed with the skills they need to excel. 

Each year, our seniors earn admission to many of the nation’s most prestigious colleges and universities. Their SAT, ACT, and AP scores are often the highest in our region and among the highest in the state.

Moreover, a large percentage of the class is awarded merit scholarships and/or Advanced Placement credits, which can significantly reduce the cost of a college education. 


Given Seven Hills’ superb record of college placement and breadth of scholarships consistently offered to our graduates, parents can be confident that Seven Hills provides some of the best college preparation not only in the Cincinnati area, but in the nation.

Our Portrait of a graduate

All of our graduates go off to college thoroughly prepared for success at the next level. Surveys of recent graduates reveal high GPAs and four-year graduation rates, as well as a high level of satisfaction with their level of preparation, particularly in critical thinking, analytical writing, and study skills.

This touchstone document outlines both the academic and the social and emotional skills we seek to develop in our students. It guides both the programs we offer and the teaching methods we employ. 

View our full Portrait of a Graduate here


Our signature four-year college counseling program gives students the support they need to find the colleges that are perfect for them.

By the time students make their final decisions, they’ve gone through a thorough process of self-discovery. They know what matters to them and what motivates them. And they know they’re ready for the leap into the next stage of their life.


college prep At Seven Hills

Our students excel in college because, in a great many cases, they have been doing college-level work in our Upper School. On average, Upper School students take four honors courses and two AP courses over four years, and 60% of our students take arts courses beyond our requirements. Some students challenge themselves further by declaring a Concentration or designing an independent study in fields such as community engagement, political engagement, engineering and design, and global citizenship.

But what truly distinguishes Seven Hills is not what, but how students learn. As they progress through the Upper School, they are given more freedom, independence, and responsibility both to choose their courses and electives and to take ownership of their own learning. 

Click here for an overview of the Upper School curriculum.


Woven throughout our entire curriculum, our Signature Programs represent a distinctive and innovative approach to education that engages and motivates students through unique learning opportunities and experiences. At every age, students are diving deeper in their interests, honing their critical and creative thinking skills, and discovering more about themselves and the world around them.