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Small, Intimate Class Sizes

Students learn best when their teachers know them well, and know their interests, motivations, and styles of learning.


In our small, intimate classes, Seven Hills teachers know each student very well. 

They learn their interests and passions, their styles of learning and their temperaments. They know how to pair students who will work well together. How to adapt an assignment to practice a new skill or to build on a previous experience. How to nurture a latent talent. Or kindle a new interest. Because of the close relationships they develop—with students and their families—our teachers can give each student the personal attention they deserve. And help them feel understood, confident, and cared for. 

 In addition, a team of guidance counselors and learning specialists support students, parents, and teachers, enabling us all to work together to understand and respond to each child’s needs.

Our Families Tell Their Stories

The close relationships among teachers, students, and their families are at the heart of what we do.



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Guidance and Support

Beyond their relationships with their teachers, students are also known and cared for by a host of additional supportive adults. Lower School homeroom teachers and Middle and Upper School advisers serve as advocates and guides, and help students explore new interests and resolve issues that may arise. In addition, a team of professional counselors and learning support specialists work directly with students, as well as with teachers and families to help meet students where they are.          

Our School Counseling programs

All four divisions offer guidance and counseling to help students develop critical social and emotional skills.

Lower School Guidance (Doherty and Lotspeich Lower Schools)

Middle School Guidance

Upper School Guidance 

LearninG Support Programs

Students who need additional support may be served by members of our Learning Support Department. These learning specialists play a critical role in helping students to understand their own learning style and to develop effective learning strategies.

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Woven throughout our entire curriculum, our Signature Programs represent a distinctive and innovative approach to education that engages and motivates students through unique learning opportunities and experiences. At every age, students are diving deeper in their interests, honing their critical and creative thinking skills, and discovering more about themselves and the world around them.