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Upper School Technology and Makerspaces

In the hands of our Upper School students, technology becomes a powerful tool that takes learning beyond the walls of the classroom. Our makerspaces give them the space and hi-tech tools they need to explore STEM concepts, build, and discover.


We are a fully wired school, with a complete network that gives students access to information from every corner of our campuses. We are a 1-to-1 iPad school, and technology is daily integrated into every aspect of our curriculum. In our makerspaces, our students have all the tools they need—from 3-D printers to circuitry, from power tools to cameras—to build and create.


A wired campus means students can learn everywhere—in classrooms, lunchrooms, and even on the deck. Our Upper School students take full advantage of this, working together on group projects, even remotely. In labs and makerspaces, they collect data, design, build, and test prototypes and run simulations to test hypotheses.


In Upper School, as the technical challenges become more complex, students design and construct more complex machines, fusing mechanical and electrical engineering, to create and program complex robotic devices. The engineering and computer engineering labs are our most comprehensive makerspaces, equipped with 3D printers and laser cutters as well as state-of-of-the art design software. Students work in project teams to create elegant, increasingly efficient solutions to complex engineering challenges and then test machines in adjacent hallways abuzz with activity.