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Middle School Learning Support

Middle School is a critical time for your child to develop study skills, effective work habits, and self-advocacy.

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Our faculty know that every student’s journey to achieving independence in these areas may take different forms, and some need additional support to get there. Students who may need help in these areas may enroll in Learning Lab. Learning Lab is taught by a learning specialist with expertise in study and organizational skills. Students receive direct instruction in grade-level concepts and materials in a small group where they can receive the greatest amount of individualized attention. Our learning specialists collaborate with the Middle School counselor and grade-level teams to provide additional academic support, including the identification of accommodations and suggest strategies for students who have undergone outside educational testing.

In addition to Learning Lab, all Middle School teachers can provide daily help outside of class. Private tutors vetted by Seven Hills also work with students on campus in a space tailored to focused learning. In the classroom, math and eighth-grade science classes are organized by skill level, allowing student the time and space they need to fully understand these subjects.