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Portrait of a Graduate

We want all of our students to become their best possible selves, unlocking their full potential to be active, engaged citizens, ready to lead and excel in a competitive global community. We have developed our deep and wide-ranging curriculum and programs to help foster these attributes and habits of mind. Our commitment to these ideas defines Seven Hills today, and also drives our model of continuous progress and momentum moving forward.


Our students are prepared to excel in college and beyond.

  • They enjoy learning and respect knowledge. They regard learning as meaningful and fulfilling.
  • They have confidence in themselves and in their peers and the persistence to work together to solve problems and surmount difficulties.
  • They value healthy, balanced lifestyles, embracing a range of interests and valuing the arts, athletics, and their personal relationships as fully as academics.
  • They understand the components of a rewarding life.
  • They recognize their own strengths and weaknesses, and they know their own emotions.
  • They understand how they learn and solve problems. They can monitor their own learning.
  • They are well-spoken, articulate communicators.
  • They advocate for themselves.
  • They adapt easily to different environments and cultures.
  • They know how to lead and recognize there are many ways to do so effectively.



Our students ask why and what if.

  • They know how to problem-solve: how to approach problems critically and creatively, and how to ask probing questions.
  • They habitually reflect on ideas.
  • They have confidence that comes from engaging legitimately difficult questions. 
  • They have the confidence to challenge received wisdom and to explore their own novel solutions.
  • They possess a healthy skepticism and the skill to identify fallacious reasoning.
  • They can analyze, synthesize and evaluate the credibility of data gathered from a variety of sources. 
  • They are comfortable using
    technology to collect, analyze, and pres- ent information.
  • They seek and find solutions.



Our students display tenacity and persistence.

  • They take initiative.
  • They display the will to persist in the active pursuit of creative solutions.
  • They know how to manage time and
    how to cope with the challenging pace and complexity of the modern world,
  • They know how to work hard now for rewards that will come later.



Our students embrace cultures other than their own.

  • They are open-minded and collaborative.
  • They enjoy interacting both socially and professionally with people of different backgrounds.
  • They believe that working together with others can engender clearer understanding.
  • They understand the importance of developing relationships and of under- standing other cultural perspectives.
  • They affirm their individuality and celebrate the unique gifts of others.
  • They have the courage to explore other points of view and the willingness to build bridges that connect them with others.



Our students live with integrity.

  • They seek out strong communities
    and participate responsibly in their world, demonstrating empathy through service to others near and far.
  • They recognize a moral dimension to their lives and their learning.
  • They appreciate their own good fortune in the gifts life has given them.
  • They are courteous and respectful of others.
  • They are good sports on and off the playing field.

View our full Portrait of a Graduate in PDF form here.