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Middle School Guidance

Our students will always be able to count on our guidance counselors to help them navigate the complexities of growing up.

Coming into their own 

Our full-time Middle School Counselor helps guide students through this crucial stage of emotional and social development. Available at any time to our students for one on one or small group meetings, our counselor works to help them set goals and identify problems. In addition, our counselor is available to consult with teachers and meet with parents about adolescent development, even observing students in the classroom environment to gain more useful insights.

The Middle School Counselor also oversees the comprehensive guidance program Second Step. The Second Step curriculum develops skills in five key areas including self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision-making. Implemented during regularly scheduled advisory times once a week for the entire school year, all teachers are trained in delivering this evidence-based, cohesive curriculum. Each grade level in Middle School uses these components as the foundation for exploring topics such as empathy and communication, bullying prevention, managing emotions, substance abuse prevention, and personal goal setting.