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Second-graders Study Bridges

Danielle Necessary and Cicely Knecht’s second-grade classes recently shared bridge presentations with their classmates. As part of a semester-long study of bridges, each student picked a bridge from anywhere in the world to research and share facts about with their classmates. Students built models of their chosen bridges and carefully researched their structure of choice. Earlier in the semester, students honed their geography and map skills by studying a bridge in their city, state, country, continent, and world. They examined other aspects as well, including the many types of bridges and their construction. Students also took a closer look at the Brent Spence Bridge after it was closed because of an accident. “We learned how the bridge was originally designed to carry about half of the traffic it currently carries,” Necessary said. “Students then went through the process of identifying the problems, proposing possible solutions, and designing a replacement bridge.”