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Lower Schools Unify Math Program

All Seven Hills Lower School students will be learning a deeper understanding of mathematics in the same way. Starting this school year, Doherty and Lotspeich Lower Schools are both using Bridges Mathematics, a curriculum that focuses on mathematical understanding and conceptual knowledge. “It is about fully understanding what is happening mathematically versus just memorizing an equation,” Head of Doherty Tracy Murch said. Head of Lotspeich Susan Miller reiterated the importance of learning critical thinking skills. “We want students to understand there may be multiple ways to solve a problem and reach the correct answer,” she said. Previously, both Lower Schools were using the same math program but different versions of it. When it was time to update the math curriculum, numerous programs were evaluated and piloted in the classroom before Bridges was selected, with an overwhelmingly positive reception from teachers at both lower schools. “It’s very hands-on with a lot of practice through games and cooperative learning,” Murch said, adding the program allows students of all skill levels to remain in the same classroom.