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Partnership Providing Additional Mental Health Services

For the 2021-22 school year, Seven Hills has partnered with Best Point Behavioral Health to staff licensed mental health therapists on the Hillsdale and Doherty campuses. “There is a rise in mental healthcare needs throughout Cincinnati, so we wanted to provide preventative and proactive care and give families additional support,” said Counseling Department Chair Angie Bielecki. Through Mindpeace, a nonprofit that helps schools better understand their mental health needs and connects them to providers, Seven Hills has partnered with Best Point, a program by Children’s Home of Cincinnati. “We wanted to make health services more accessible for families. This way there are not long waits and students don’t have to leave campus,” Bielecki said. Licensed mental health therapists Emily Daugherty and Claudia Thomas will have dedicated spaces on both campuses. Daugherty will be working with pre-kindergarten through second-grade students and Thomas will be working with third- through 12th-graders. Parents can contact their student’s division counselor to set up a meeting with the therapists.