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Ceramics in Pre-kindergarten

Students in Julie Brackett’s pre-kindergarten for 2-year-olds class recently worked with Doherty art teacher Kacey Watkins to paint ceramic pieces that will be holiday gifts for their parents. The small ceramic figures are designed to be a little dish for tiny collections such as paper clips or a soap dish. Brackett said her young students watched closely as Watkins introduced the work they would have to do for the art project. “Kacey, did a terrific job demonstrating the activity,” said Brackett. “The students were captivated. Clay is such a wonderful medium for students to explore.” Watkins said the two-week project began with the students using a rolling pin to add texture to their slab of clay. The students then used cookie cutters to select the shape of their dishes. After Watkins fired the pieces in the kiln, the students painted and wrapped gifts that are sure to be family favorites this holiday season!