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The Making of a 3-D Pumpkin Patch

Unit III art students worked collaboratively in early October to create a 3-D pumpkin patch. The multimedia and interdisciplinary art project, led by Doherty art teacher Kacey Watkins, incorporated the students’ original backdrops and placards. The pumpkin patch came together to create a nighttime Halloween scene with a variety of pumpkins of all colors in the Unit III hallway. “This student-led activity combines a variety of materials and methods in this collaborative creation,” said Watkins. “Students learned how to use Tinkercad in art class, where they digitally designed their own 3-D pumpkins, which were 3-D printed by Mrs. Watkins in the Creation Studio.  The backdrop was created with a variety of materials to make leaves, bats, scarecrows, ghosts and a spooky tree!