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Middle School Holds True, Kind, and Necessary Day

The Middle School held its first-ever True, Kind, and Necessary Day in early March. The day kicked off with a presentation from Seven Hills alumnus Shane DiGiovanna ’17. DiGiovanna spoke to students about his experiences with his rare genetic skin condition, Epidermolysis Bullosa, which makes his skin extremely fragile and prone to injury. He discussed the importance of empathy, embracing others, and how to overcome difficulties. DiGiovanna shared lots of advice with students, telling them to embrace their differences and how being kind can change the trajectory of a person’s life. He said to embrace yourself and others. “Our differences are what make us special,” DiGiovanna said. “Our differences are what make us human.” After DiGiovanna’s presentation, students worked in groups to create videos about empathy. They also watched the documentary “Trust Me,” which is about the importance of media literacy. True, Kind, and Necessary Day was organized by sixth-grade science teacher Jennifer Licata and Middle and Upper School head librarian Megan Whitt.