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Middle School Closing Ceremony

“Today really is exciting for all of us. We have so much to celebrate.” Head of Middle School Bill Waskowitz opened the Middle School Closing Ceremony with these words, reminding students, parents, and faculty of the hard work it took for eighth-graders to reach the end of their time at Middle School. The ceremony featured wise words and reflections from Head of School Chris Garten, Head of Upper School Matt Bolton, as well as sixth-, seventh-, and eighth-grade students. Eighth-graders remembered the things that made Middle School special, including class trips, clubs, the community, and the friends they made. “Congratulations on a great year. We’re very proud of your accomplishments collectively and individually,” Garten said. “All of us here in front of you assembled are very, very proud of you.” The eighth-grade instrumental ensemble played Bohemian Rhapsody and a medley of songs by the band Coldplay and the eighth-grade chorus sang Imagine. Individual performers included Jenny Hu playing the guzheng and Gabrielle Christmon and Lea Jarvi singing Rise Up as eighth-graders left the ceremony. Congratulations to our rising ninth-graders!

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