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Middle School Closing Ceremony

Seven Hills recognized the achievements of its rising ninth graders and sent them on to the Upper School with warm words of wisdom during the eighth grade Closing Ceremony held on May 31. Head of Middle School Bill Waskowitz opened the ceremony by telling the students how proud he was of their hard work and achievements throughout their time in Middle School and thanked the students, faculty, and parents for their dedication toward the students’ academic readiness and well-being. Head of School Chris Garten shared words of congratulations for the eighth graders. “This year particularly, you’ve assumed positions of responsibility representing the school as athletes; taking lead roles in plays, musicals, choral and instrumental concerts; participating in Real Talks and service projects. And we’re proud of all of your hard work and commitment. We’re proud of your achievements academically, athletically, artistically, emotionally, and we’re especially proud of how you’ve grown both as a class and as young people,” Garten said. The ceremony also included Middle School student performances, awards, and reflections from the eighth graders. Waskowitz said his annual charge was for students to learn how to be vulnerable. “My charge to you as the Class of 2027 is simple but challenging. Being vulnerable means being who you truly are. Being willing to embrace your strengths, your fears, your worries, and your weaknesses and your hopes. In other words, it means being human. Being vulnerable means opening yourselves up to the bigger truths that are often standing right in front of you,” Waskowitz said.

During the Middle School Closing Ceremony, two awards were presented to three students, recognizing their hard work of students throughout their time at Seven Hills Middle School. The Patricia Howard Award of Distinction, presented by the Dean of Middle School and geography teacher Andy McGarvey, was awarded to Maya Little. The Archie Griffin Sportsmanship Award was presented to eighth graders Nathan Mingo and Campbell Coyne by Middle School Athletic Director Roger Schnirring.