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Seven Hills Opens New Middle School

The renovation and expansion project for the new Middle School at The Seven Hills School was completed on Friday, April 15 with a ribbon cutting ceremony and tour of the building.

Head of School Chris Garten thanked the Seven Hills administration team, board of trustees, Director of Development Margo Kirstein, and Head of Middle School Bill Waskowitz for seeing the project through to fruition.

“Middle School is a time in many kids’ lives when they become disaffected about schooling. They are struggling to understand who they are, they can be self-conscious, and frankly they can be bored with school. One of the things that defines Seven Hills is that really doesn’t happen here. If anything, our Middle School is one of the anchors and strengths of this great community,” Garten said.

Guided by the educational philosophy that Middle Schoolers thrive best in environments designed just for them, sixth, seventh, and eighth graders each have dedicated spaces called “communities within a community” in the new and expanded Seven Hills Middle School.

The renovation and expansion increased the average classroom size by about 280 square feet, the science classrooms by 150 square feet, and the Innovation Lab by 200 square feet. There are also larger hallways, contiguous classrooms and common areas for each grade, respectful bathroom facilities, updated accessible design, and grade level team and teacher work spaces.

Waskowitz said the building was designed to equip students and teachers with the best Middle School learning experience both academically and social-emotionally.

“This building is designed to help kids feel supported by adults. We are not present in every moment of their lives, but we are there and they sense that and know they have their own community. We want them to feel some freedom but know they have a support structure. We want our kids to know if you are a sixth grader you have your own community but you are also part of the larger Middle School community that loves and supports you. I do feel that at the end of the day that is what this building was designed for,” Waskowitz said.