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Eighth Graders Go on Adventure Trek

The eighth-grade class and eight current and one former faculty recently traveled to Pisgah National Forest and Blue Ridge Mountains for the annual Adventure Trek trip. Students hiked, camped, went whitewater rafting, and bonded with their advisories. Middle School art teacher Elissa Donovan has been organizing the trip for eight years. “It’s about bonding but it’s also about leadership because they are now the oldest kids in the school,” Donovan said. Head of Middle School Bill Waskowitz commended the students on their resilience as they dealt with torrential rains and high winds from the remanence of Hurricane Ida. Pisgah is a temperate rainforest, so there is always rain, Donovan said, but it was much worse this year. “It’s a challenge for each student. That’s what it is meant to be, and that differs by kid. It’s fun to see where the kids shine,” Donovan said.