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Sports Broadcasting Club Helps Stingers Fans Enjoy Fall Sports from a Distance

The Seven Hills Sports Broadcasting Club (SBC) will bring fall sports to fans’ computer screens this school year. The club, led by junior Thomas Murphy and co-leader junior Drew Balaji, will broadcast volleyball and soccer games on its Youtube channel via a livestream. As freshmen, Murphy and Balaji were members of the original SBC, founded by Charles Clark ’19. “Since (Clark) was graduating, the club looked as if it were to fade away,” Murphy said. “We tried to revive it last year, but the COVID-19 lockdown complicated things. Since then, we’ve been working to get things up and running.” Murphy said club members plan to broadcast varsity volleyball and boys and girls soccer in the fall, boys and girls varsity basketball in the winter, and boys and girls varsity lacrosse and baseball in the spring. He added that the club would eventually like to stream other sports and junior varsity games. Follow the Seven Hills Sports Broadcasting Club on YouTube here  and Instagram here.