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Upper School Theater Highlights

Seven Hills’ Upper School theater department came together in creative ways throughout first semester, navigating social distancing and other COVID-19 protocols to present a number of performances. Upper School theater teacher Marc Raia and Upper School technical theater teacher Trey Tatum said students showed dedication, focus, and innovation as they worked hard on the following works:

  • “Midnight Express” took place in Alms Park. The student cast of four used the realistic backdrop of the park as their setting for the tale of a ghost story set in the woods. The play was written by technical theater teacher Trey Tatum and directed by Annika Halonen ’20.
  • A full cast put on “War of the Worlds” at The Schiff Center. The 1930s radio-style performance lent itself to the crafty set, which employed socially distanced mic stands, a dramatic scrim with stark silhouettes, and a student-built crankie—a shadow theater box that allowed rolls of parchment to reveal moving images drawn by a visual art student.
  • “The Lion, The Witch, The Wardrobe” was performed by the Advanced Theatre Class and directed by alumna Hannah Levin ’20.
  • Advanced Theatre Class Tennessee Williams Scene Showcase
  • Subtext Project:  Theatre I Class Invited Performance