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History students debate great leaders

In the Commons on May 11, founder of the Mali Empire Sundiata Keita, portrayed by freshman Katie Stevens, debated with scientist Sir Isaac Newton, portrayed by sophomore Rithvik Allamaneni, and was honored as the greatest leader of all time in the history department’s annual Tournament of Greatness. All freshmen and sophomores researched a great leader in history for the tournament. They then debated in character with their classmates and answered questions, showing their knowledge of their leader and the ones portrayed by their classmates. In the freshmen final, Sundiata Keita, or Stevens, defeated Ivan the Terrible, portrayed by Lauren VordemEsche, and Cleopatra, portrayed by Ahalya Nambiar, to be crowned the freshman winner. In the sophomore final, Isaac Newton, or Allamaneni, defeated German Chancellor Otto von Bismark, portrayed by Shravan Sekhar, to become the sophomore winner.