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Upper School Symphonic and Contemporary Ensembles Hold Concert in The Schiff Center

The Upper School Symphonic and Contemporary Ensembles also performed their spring concert on The Schiff Center stage. The ensembles prerecorded their winter concerts and shared them on YouTube. Before the performance, Rising said musicians “stepped up like never before” during a year marked by COVID-19 safety restrictions. Rising also recognized the ensembles’ graduating seniors, including Dhruv Mahajan, Reva Namboodiri, Andrew Yang, Wes Gardner, Kurt Drath, Aaron Ziegler, and Matt Coulson. “This group has been the core,” Rising said. “I can count on all of you to bring energy, musicianship, and personality to rehearsals.” The symphonic ensemble opened the show with a mix of songs including “Shadow Cove March,” the Irish folk song, “Down by the Salley Gardens,” and “Highlights from Dr. Who.” The contemporary ensemble then lit up the stage with “Greasy Sack Blues,” the Beatles’ classic, “Here Comes the Sun,” and John Legend’s “Feeling Good,” with vocals provided by junior Gabrielle Christmon. Congratulations to our Upper School ensembles on an amazing show! Click here to read the concert program.

Click here to see more photos from the concert.