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Seniors Watch Sunrise, Hope to Start New Tradition

Having missed out on many Seven Hills traditions because of the pandemic, the senior class held a Senior Sunrise on the first Friday of the year at the Lower Field. “We wanted to have a community event and bring the senior class closer together,” said senior Aanya Anand, who came up with the idea with fellow senior Lucy Schneider. They brought their idea to Student Body President Anand Patil. “I thought it would be a great grade-bonding experience, so we met, discussed logistics of the event, and did it,” Patil said. “The event went amazing. We only expected about 25 people to show up, but we got more than 40, which was mind-blowing.” The event was catered by Biggby Coffee and included games and general socializing. Patil and the student government are working on more events to help students feel like a part of a tight-knit community since COVID restrictions have made everyone feel isolated. “We hope to make it a tradition for years to come,” Anand added.