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Answering Life’s Questions in Spanish V Honors

What is important in life? Are life’s big worries any different from 100 years ago? Students in Teresa Bardon’s Spanish V Honors Literature Class recently asked and answered these questions as they read and analyzed poems from influential Latin American poets. “They also discussed questions such as, ‘What is true happiness? What is a real friendship? Who gets to make decisions for your life?’” said Bardon. “Students discussed the poets’ feelings and thoughts of what is at the core of a good life. It is important for my students to know that if we take the time to understand the meaning of poems, whether they were written in the 17th or 19th century, they are relevant and we can still learn from them. I also hope the lesson helps my seniors to feel they can slow down if they need to, and really consider what it means to have a happy and good life, if focusing on the correct goals.”